Deng Chao Sings the 18th Golden Rooster Awards Theme Song


This year the Golden Rooster awards, China’s main film awards, is being hosted in Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi province. The host city is always unfixed, which   is actually very clever, because it helps boosts tourism around China, while inducing the cities themselves to help fund it.

Nanchang is also the home of best supporting actor nominee Deng Chao, one of my favorite actors, and he was appointed “ambassador” to the awards, which apparently involves singing the award’s theme song. The MV features the  old way of watching movies, decades ago, along with scenes in modern Nanchang.

Deng Chao – Zhan Fang (to blossom)

More about the Golden Rooster Awards, the nominations, and a vid of Deng Chao singing it live below. <3


What’s different about these film awards is that, since 2005, they are held every two years, and the films from the past two years are eligible. The winners are picked by people in the film industry. (In contrast, the Hundred Flowers Awards Festival, which alternates with the Golden Rooster,  also held every two years, is picked by popular vote from viewers). Which to be honest, is weird and  seems like it’ll have to be changed back once production of Chinese films pick up the pace in the next few years.

This year however, the nominations look pretty thin, because for 2008 and most of 2009, film productivity was very low due to all the attention being on the Olympics. Indeed, the Golden Horse awards, which I think has a much better selection of nominated movies, seems to be focused on the more recently released films, and have some that aren’t even out yet. But one bright spot in its favor is that the Golden Rooster does have a best actress nomination for Zhou Xun for The Equation of Life and Death, which is a much needed one. Her acting was fantastic there, and it seems almost a crime that Zhou Xun has not gotten a Golden Rooster yet.


Deng Chao sang the song at the ceremony….and messed up his first try. But then he did it again. :D He was so proud to be representing his hometown at the awards. If you’re a huge Deng Chao fan like I am, then you can watch it all in another angle filmed by Sina rather than Sohu, here. I tried uploading but it failed like the Han Hong vids. Anyone have the same problem with SINA?

One more picture of Deng Chao from the MV, because I love him, and to be honest, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t really even have taken the time to post this. In case anyone asks, I have no idea who the movie-projector girl in the MV is…all I know is she’s not Sun Li, and she’s certainly not me. :P


20 thoughts on “Deng Chao Sings the 18th Golden Rooster Awards Theme Song

  1. I love Heaven sward and Dragon sabre 2009 ,because of DengeChao. Don”t give up . YOu will be famous actor.
    OMG , loved Zang HU XI

  2. I am a big of Deng Chao after i watched Tian Mi Mi. He is a truly talented actor and genuine person. There are few good actors in his age group, but he truly stands out with his excellent works and characters…

  3. I am a big of Deng Chao after i watched Tian Mi Mi. He is a truly talented actor and genuine person. There are few good actors in his age group, but he truly stands out with his excellent works and full of characters…

  4. oh my gosh, I do not know Deng can say songs – a excellent one! I am so impressive. I just know he is a great actor but today I know he is also a fantastic singer. Well done, Deng!!!

  5. hello,deng chao.
    i started liking him when i watch young judge bao 3.he is good looking and he seems to be wise.his character tells me what a wise man is.and i absolutely believe he is good in his role.
    thanks all.

  6. Hi all,
    I’m a new fan of Deng Chao. First I get to know him when I watch HSDS 2009, can’t help but really his image as Zhang Wu Ji really left me a good impression, he’s so charismatic there, love him hehe. Then started googling internet for him, found out the list all of his tv dramas & movies, and went to hunt them. Just finished watching Silent Tears, made me more really admire & adore Deng Chao for his good acting, now I just begin to watch Tian Mi Mi and Happiness is like a Flower. Pls anyone who can help me to share any info about Deng Chao, all Deng Chao fans, let’s correpondence, or does Deng Chao has any official fans club, official site that I can visit. You all can contact me at : Thanks & nice to meeting you all here.

  7. Hi,

    I’m also a fan of Deng Zao, especially in “Young Judge Bao3”.

    I’m wondering his girl friend is Qin Li , the leading lady from YJB3 cause they have a great chemisty in there.

    But I dnot not know & see any of Shu Li/Hua Li.

  8. @Rea/juliakgrl

    I was kind of sad she didn’t get Zhiruo. I feel like Zhiruo is a more interesting character. She’s inherently good, almost too good, and I felt like that innocence led her into something evil. Gao Yuanyuan did a great job with Zhiruo.

    Zhao Min…I always felt like she was the less likable version of Huang Rong. From the beginning, Zhao Min was wise and intelligent, versus Huang Rong’s cleverness. Yet as the story progress, Zhao Min loses that with love, or an illusion of love. It was then that she gives up her country and people for a man who may or may not love her. Huang Rong, on the other hand, learns through love that there are things greater than oneself. Zhao Min sacrificed a kingdom for a man who loves her not, but Huang Rong gave her life for a kingdom and a soulmate.

    Zhang Wuji just pisses me off. He represents Taiji, the patience and the acceptance, but also the indecision. His love is greedy and cowardice, not even brave or bold like that of Wei Xiao Bao. He never chose a side in anything, be it the various feuds or the girls.

    Guo Jing and Huang Rong became something greater than themselves when the toiled not just for their love but for their love of the world. Yang Guo and XiaoLongNv waited 16years for true love. Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min gave up everything for an illusion.

  9. @juliakgrl

    omg, I’ve also noticed the striking similarities between Zhang Wuji and Chen Jia Luo in terms of their relationships with the women in their lives. In fact, I’ve wrote a bit about it on my blog. (okay, enough self-plugging :D )

    My opinion about the role of Zi Ruo is actually based on the Tony Leung version (as it is the only one I have watched in its entirety so far). In terms of which character is most potentially scene stealing, Zhao Min takes the cake, although I definitely agree that Zi Ruo requires a more skilled actress to make likable and to garner sympathy from the audience. Among Wu Ji’s harem of girls (sorry, I can’t help it), I myself am partial to Zhu Er. I wonder if they’re going to keep her alive at the end in this 2009 version.

  10. @cfensi: Hiya back, hon! I was just jesting abt loving Hua Yi, since I’m also loving the environmental protection emphasis they do. And you know I love your blog right? You and idarklight have been done a wonderful job. Jia You!

    @Rea: You know, I’ve always found Zi Rou to be a very intriguing character and a great opportunity for the actress playing the role. Though I’ve always liked Zhao Min, I’ve found Xiao Zhao to be the most endearing. Having watched Tony Leung’s version 1st as a child, I was completely in love with Wu Ji ge ge (& Tony Leung). But watching different versions as I grew up, I found WJ, as a man, to be sorely lacking in context to his relationships with the 4 women. Seriously, this Jin Yong hero reminds me of my most-disliked JY hero in “The Book and the Sword” – who falls in love with a woman who’s superior to him in intelligence/leadership, then falls in love that woman’s beautiful, younger sister – what a weak disposition for a man.

    See, don’t want to get me started. lols.

  11. @cfensi

    Ah, thanks so much for the information. And I very much second your sentiments as well. HSDS, despite its flaws and inferior storyline/relationships compared to the first two installments in the trilogy, has always been one of my favorite among Jin Yong’s works. Deng Chao looks awesome and most importantly, swoon worthy :) in the clips and let me just say how glad I am that Ady got the Zhao Min part and not Zirou (as much as I pity the character, she’s not the star of the show)

  12. @juliakgrl

    *waves at my first youtube buddy*

    I love Hua Yi for many reasons. They are extremely well organized, and accomplish their goals will such gusto that it’s hard not to like them. I also like their civic activities, such as getting all of their artists involved in environmental protection. They are very big on the environment, and it’s quite amazing to see something like that in such a large company…I need to write about that.

    But I have no idea about all of their productions. They’re such a big company that when I hear about one that I’m interested in I’ll write about it, but it’s impossible to know about all of them.

    @:) and Rea

    I’m assuming around December at earliest. I really want to watch Deng Chao and Ady together…seriously, that is one wuxia I cannot pass up.

  13. I’m happy for Chao. Though I don’t gush as much as I used to over his awesome acting and charm (the Young Emperor series will always hold a special place in my heart b/c of my discovery of DC and YQY), I still think he’s extremely charismatic.

    You girls sure love Hua Yi – lols – I do too. Maybe you should dedicate a page to Hua Yi artists/productions? ^_ *

  14. Yay Deng Chao! I actually started liking him when I watched shao nian bao qing tian 3! Then I watched tian mi mi because he was in it even though I usually don’t watch dramas set in that time period. And I’ve actually started to like sun li more because of him…haha. Anyways has anyone watched his new drama with Ady An? Is it good?

  15. It was a rumor. He’s with Hua Yi, and he’s a fantastic actor, so no reason he won’t get more and more attention.

    And his smile is gorgeous. When I first saw him I thought he was ugly, but how quickly that changed.

    • I agree with your comment. When I first saw him, I thought he was ugly but in a very short after watch him act. I fell for his acting. He is a very good, solid actor. His strength is not a pretty face even thru he has a handsome smile. It is his acting skills that wins fans over.

  16. I thought Deng Chao and Sun Li broke up? or was it just a rumor? hehe anyway i am glad his career is going so well, getting more attention now days

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