“The Message” Tops the Box Office during China’s National Holiday Week


Huang Xiaoming goes behind the lens to shoot Zhou Xun on Feng Sheng's set

The Message (Feng Sheng) topped the coveted national holiday week, with 150 million RMB (22 USD) which is really, really high to the point of raising eyebrows. Either way, the film has done what Hua Yi has out to do  – be a blockbuster, and  showcase some of its finest actors, which has been accomplished with both main actresses nabbing Golden Horse nods.  Actor Huang Xiaoming also got to show off his improvement  singing, by performing the theme song live rather impressively (though not enough for me to want another album from him). Li Bingbing and Alec Su look like they’re enjoying the performance too.


The picture Huang Xiaoming took of Zhou Xun

Meanwhile together with The Founding of a Republic‘s high returns, this has become the higest grossing weekend in Chinese box office history, and Founding of a Republic broke the 360 million yuan mark.

The actors  themselves were very cordial in the fight for the box office crown. At Harper’s Bazaar’s Charity event a week ago, a very high-spirited Chen Kun (despite wearing essentially bloomers) and a somewhat distracted Zhou Xun who went there together summed up their views on their movies and what people should watch. If you understand mandarin, and plan to watch The Message, I would mute the video bc there’s a SPOILER FOR THE MESSAGE in there, although it’s something that’s been said on Chinese websites, so it’s not really a spoiler….but most visitors to this site probably don’t know it.

Abridged summary w/o spoiler:

Reporter: You both have movies out…

Chen Kun: No, she’s the main star.

Zhou Xun:  Founding of a Republic is Tiananmen, The Message is  Momument to the People’s Heroes (a statue in Tiananmen for those that national unsung heroes that symbolically burned opium, fought the Japanese in WWII, etc – she’s saying they’re different and uncomparable)

Chen Kun: That’s right, you commie.

Zhou Xun: …I’m a underground spy…  a communist underground spy.

….*spoiler, blah blah*

Chen Kun: Right, like Little Zhou said, one of us is a nationalist, one a  underground communist….I’ll definitely watch The Message because Little Zhou is in it and I hope all the friends that like me will support her and watch The Message. *turns to Zhou Xun* Quick, say to watch Founding of Republic.

Zhou Xun: *starts* Uh, everyone should watch The Founding of the Republic! The Message ideally should be watched too.

I thought it was cute. Hope this post wasn’t too all over the place; I combined something like four different articles I wanted to write on. And with this I think I’m done reporting on The Message. Hope it gets to 300 million yuan and we get that uncut DVD.

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  1. Wow! I’m always excited to see how well Chinese movies do at the box office. Hopefully this will inspire other Chinese media companies to work harder.

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