Fan Bingbing Photoshoot for “Fashion Weekly”


I’m unfamiliar with Fashion Weekly (风尚志) magazine, but I guess these are for Wheat promotions? Wheat’s not doing very well at the box office, trumped not only by Jian Guo Da Ye (The Founding of a Republic) and Feng Sheng (The Message),  but also by My Fair Gentleman, which is getting very positive reviews for both the movie and the acting from Sun Honglei and Kelly Lin (Lei Zu He!), and a sequel is already in the works.

I’m again backlogged with posts I want to do, so going to try to catch up from this past week and may be going in reverse chronological order.


5 thoughts on “Fan Bingbing Photoshoot for “Fashion Weekly”

  1. She does look quite pale sometimes. To be honest, I didn’t really like the photoshoot overall (and I think this is from a weekly magazine, so it’s not going to be great), but I did like the androgyny in the first pic so I put it up. That and because I haven’t posted a photoshoot in while.

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