Super Girl photobooks, part II


Anyone else see the Vanessa Hudgens resemblance in this photoshoot?

The rest of the Super Girl photobooks (Huang Ying, Jiang Yingrong and Pan Chen) have been released. Of the three, I could only find the cover of Pan Chen’s photobook. Overall, I was a bit unsatisfied with the photoshoots. Though very pretty, they didn’t really show the personality appeals of the girls – Huang Ying’s simple, childlike cuteness and Jiang Yingrong’s infectious happiness sprinkled with sexiness.

Also, I think the Vanessa Hudgens -ness is a sign that Hunan TV should do more musicals, though with people who can actually sing.




7 thoughts on “Super Girl photobooks, part II

  1. @M.

    bad wording…Of all of Pan Chen’s photos, I could only find the cover of the photobook, which wasn’t very pretty. Not wanting to waste computer and time to put it up, I didn’t.

  2. At certain points, Huang Ying looks a little bit like Ady An. The photoshoot’s very summer-y – makes me miss the weather a little, but I don’t care because I actually like the overall fall weather better than summer’s overall humidity & heat.

    Damnit still avoiding studying for like 50 tests this week… I actually started watching Ren Jian Zheng Dao Shi Cang Sang (freaking mouthful I tell you) with Sun Honglei… it’s pretty good. And as always, there’s that infectious Sun Honglei factor that makes the drama so good and enjoyable to watch. Even though I feel really weird for watching this drama like by myself – usually these types of dramas I have like my dad and my mom watching too, and usually I’m the one who just sits next to them and tags along… but this time I’m taking it to a whole different level by actually watching this stuff by myself. LOL.

  3. Oo, the pics of Huang Ying with a serious face is really refreshing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without a smile on. She’s actually prettier that way. Oh and I’m loving her hat :D

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