Jiang Yingrong sings Beat the Mic Themesong

I don’t have much time to make a real post, but here’s a have a fun song for the weekend and relax. Even though the lyrics about someone who doesn’t sing well wanting to sing anyway don’t fit Jiang Yingrong very well, they fit me perfectly, and I’ve been singing along to this quite often this week, especially the parts that are Peking Opera influenced, and yes, there was some air erhu playing.

The song was by composed and written by Lu Hu. <3 Lyrics below in Chinese . I wish I had the time to translate them because they are awesome. Nepheliad translated them below in the comments! Yay!

江映蓉 – 一起来挑麦 挑麦3主题曲


其实我也想做麦霸 只是我嗓音太差
今天晚上多唱几句 明天就不能说话
这些年的美好回忆 我唱到让你满意
MR.mic告诉你决定 勇敢唱就是第一
你嗓子破了唱得很HIGH (挑战麦克风)
我把你话筒霸占过来 (我非常快乐)
你嗓子破了唱得很HIGH (挑战麦克风)
我把你话筒霸占过来 (歌王就是我)

其实我也想做麦霸 只是我嗓音太差
今天晚上多唱几句 明天就不能说话
这些年的美好回忆 我唱到让你满意
MR.mic告诉你决定 勇敢唱就是第一
你嗓子破了唱得很HIGH (挑战麦克风)
我把你话筒霸占过来 (我非常快乐)
你嗓子破了唱得很HIGH (挑战麦克风)
我把你话筒霸占过来 (歌王就是我)

L.T DJ 帮你打碟刷刷刷
十几岁的小娃娃 几十岁的老爸老妈
你嗓子破了唱得很HIGH (挑战麦克风)
我把你话筒霸占过来 (我非常快乐)
你嗓子破了唱得很HIGH (挑战麦克风)
我把你话筒霸占过来 (歌王就是我)
你嗓子破了唱得很HIGH (挑战麦克风)
我把你话筒霸占过来 (我非常快乐)
你嗓子破了唱得很HIGH (挑战麦克风)
我把你话筒霸占过来 (歌王就是我

16 thoughts on “Jiang Yingrong sings Beat the Mic Themesong

  1. oh wow. haha. its true.

    i listened to the song the first time yesterday and thought was alright.
    today i listened to it again, and i cant stop clicking the play button after the song is over.

  2. Lol Neph…sorry. Just give in, and create a dance for it. It totally relieves stress. It has that, “whatever the outcome, even if I look like an idiot, I’m going to do this because I like it” theme which I love.

  3. Looking back over it, the lyrics were decent, and I liked the first stanza and first four lines of the refrain, but the rap was just bizarre, IMO.

    And this song’s addictiveness didn’t catch me until my third time listening to it. Now it’s got me caught where I don’t particularly like the song, but still end up listening to it…

  4. Thanks so much Neph! The lyrics are what make this song so fun and addicting for me. I thought the lyrics were fitting for the show. The rap was a little wonky in parts, but it didn’t bother me because I just sang along to JYR’s parts.

    @ linny

    I have no idea, but I’ll search for it after the weekend’s over. I agree – I just thought the song was cute upon the first listen I gave it, then I became addicted to singing along, and now I’m so addicted I even have a dance for it.

  5. Hmm… I think I liked this song better before I paid attention to the lyrics, which started off solid, but then went all wonky. Anyways, here’s a shot at translating them below. Some of the lines were really awkward to me; I did the best I could.

    Challenge the Mic Together

    I don’t have the husky voice that can captivate your heart
    I don’t have the clear, high voice that can stun your heart
    I don’t have the tremulous vibrato that can entwine your heart
    But I’ll use the truest voice to touch your heart

    (Refrain) To be honest, I want to be the mic hog, too, but my voice is too awful
    If I sing a few too many lines tonight, I won’t be able to speak tomorrow
    The happy memories of these years – I’ll sing to your satisfaction
    MR MIC tells you that the decision to bravely sing is the most important thing
    Your voice breaks, singing very HIGH (Challenge the mic together)
    I’ll take your microphone (I’m very happy)
    Your voice breaks, singing very HIGH (Challenge the mic together)
    I’ll take your microphone (The king of song is me)

    I don’t have a handsome appearance, catching your eyes with simplicity
    I don’t have a lump of muscle for you to determinedly pound down
    I don’t have a tall height, seeing across at 1 m 90 cm
    But I’ll sing song after song for you until you’re satisfied


    Such a hot atmosphere – I’ll melt the stage
    Let the volume double, magnified
    Follow my beat SAY SUPERSTAR
    Tell MR MIC that you’re the boss
    LT DJ will help you wash wash wash the dozen dishes
    En-heng en-heng BO GEI BO GEI BO BEI HO
    I’m not scared of people being happy when I go out of tune
    My music ‘hey’ you until your head bursts
    10-something year old little dolls; tens of years old dads and moms –
    As long as you’re brave enough to sing, you’re my BODY(‘s) same symbol


    The autotune on the backing vocal drove me nuts, but the background music and main vocals made up for it.

  6. @Anon

    because a) he’s not famous enough; and b) I think Zhang Jie, Wei Chen and Jiang Yingrong all have better voices than him.

    I like the way it is. I kind of feel sorry for Lu Hu, but at the same time, this is like the best of both worlds. Lu Hu composes well, others sing better.

  7. jiang yingrong is a beauty for reals.
    and Lu Hu is like a composition god.
    this song is good, up beaty. i shall listen to it some more.

    THANKS :)

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