Huan Zhu Ge Ge to be remade

Who'll be the next Vicki Zhao?

Searching for the next Zhao Wei

At first, we all thought it was a joke. Huan Zhu Ge Ge has been a stable of Hunan TV, and many look forward to the trilogy every summer for the past 12 years. And still, it has yet lost its appeal and remains a viewer-getter.

Yet as the official news stack up, it seems to be real. Hunan TV’s editor-in-chief Li Hao even gave an interview about it. Of course, that could be false or done for an alternate purpose, too. It also seems to make sense that the one of the reasons for the new drama is the fact that Hunan TV’s gone HD, which means that HZGG will look fairly weak compared to other dramas broadcasted.

According to ihunantv, the new HZGG will encompass all three seasons in a long, 80-episode-drama. The plot will also be changed by Qiong Yao herself. Cast is yet undecided, and it’s still uncertain whether eeMedia or Nesound (or both) will be filming the drama.

I’m a bit more comforted by the fact that this is a Qiong Yao drama. She has final jurisdiction on who gets to be on her dramas, and has great taste. But at the same time, I’m worried by Long Danni’s slight nepotism and the poor guys who’ll have to shave their hair off. We’re hoping that this new drama will be set in a different dynasty that has prettier clothes. And I definitely have my eyes set on Huang Ying as the Fragrant Princess Han Xiang.

sidenote: did you know that Qiong Yao was also born in Chengdu?

28 thoughts on “Huan Zhu Ge Ge to be remade

  1. Dear cfensi and idarklight,

    Thanks for the news. I heard a rumour that the HZGG remake is now 30+ episodes and that Xie Na is in it.

    Could you give us the latest updates on this? Really appreciate it!

    Thanks again!

  2. How true is this news saying that they will combine all 3 together into one big epic series? I heard about the news regarding the remake but not much news about combining all 3 books into one. I do look forward to it. Qiong Yao is good at changing her old story line and add new characters. But I just hope she will toss out a lot of her stuff in part 3. I hate part 3. The script is just poorly written.

  3. if vicki zhao wei will not role as xiao yan zi.. i think nobody will watch that tv series.. because ruby lin, vicki zhao, alec su and zhou jie,, are only suit for that tv series…

  4. Oh God. I flipped out last night when I saw this news. Good and bad I suppose. (I was also bored in my college dorm.)

    Huan Zhu Ge Ge is by far my favorite drama (and I’m probably the only girl who hates modern day dramas) so I’m apprehensive about this. It will certainly be interesting, but I can’t imagine anyone outdoing Zhao Wei at Xiao Yan Zi. Can’t say I was too impressed with Zhou Jie’s acting or Zi Wei’s character but everything else was just Love. :)

    I enjoyed the 1st and 2nd series but the 3rd was horrendous. I hope this remake will at the very least be better than the 3rd installment. Still I doubt it will catch up to the 1st I will always remember.

  5. I think the 3rd season of HZGG already proved that changing an original cast is a disaster… don’t know why they’re doing it again.

    To be truthful I only liked the first season, the plot line was really compact and the actors/actresses were very disciplined to act in exactly the way a Qiong Yao person would do… but still, I’m curious who they will pick as the new cast. Hopefully will be better than the new cast for Yi Lian You Meng…

    Yeah Qiong Yao was born in mainland…

  6. I’ve actually never watched the original. I watched the first episode last night. I guess I’ll have to watch more of it now. :)

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