Sodagreen’s Qingfeng Composes for Laure Shang


I’m disappointed how precipitously Sodagreen’s album dropped on Taiwan’s G-Billboard charts. From 1 to 7…I don’t get it. Anyway, Sodagreen’s Qingfeng has been composing all over the Greater China region apparently. First for Taiwanese artists, then recently for Eason Chan, and most recently, and surprisingly for mainland’s Laure Shang, who is right now Hua Yi’s top female artist (after Jane left). This is the first time I’ve actually heard of a famous Taiwanese artist composing for a mainland singer so that’s  pretty awesome.

I didn’t really like the sound quality of the video; to listen to a HQ version go here (you have to copy and paste):

Laure’s voice sounds so so much better there.

7 thoughts on “Sodagreen’s Qingfeng Composes for Laure Shang

  1. There’s hardly any info on her, except for stuff about Jay and Vincent writing for her, so I figured she wasn’t well-known at all.

  2. Sorry, I wrote this in a hurry and wasn’t thinking it through much.

    But still I feel like his didn’t count because 1) he did it out of love for her voice 2) it was on his album

    This was more of a corporate type deal imo, with a mainland company and a famous, coveted Taiwanese singer-songwriter. In my mind the two didn’t mix very much,almost taboo like but I could totally be wrong on that…I just don’t recall many. It was interesting and so this stuck out to me.

    But in the future I should probably put a disclaimer that most of my posts will be shorter and shorter and shorter, and be done with a sleep deprived state of mind propped up by various energy drinks that I’m trying. I.e….less accurate than I would like. I will throw in more “perhaps” and “maybes” and “I thinks” which I never really like to use.

  3. @Benji
    He didn’t compose it for her. She sung it for him in his dream. ;b
    They’re my favorite non-real couple. I’ve been wanting them to get together since I knew both of them. They’re so perfect together.

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