Ugly Wudi Season 3 Ends With a Huge Dance Finale

As you may have read about on this site, Ugly Wudi Season 3 was a musical. Last night it ended with a really large dance finale. What can I say? For me, this show can do no wrong. I love the chemistry of the cast, love how well the script was adapted to Chinese audiences, and finally I love how it does this kind of wacky crazy stuff.


More than 1000 people participated in the filming of the finale

The end of Season 3 (I didn’t have time to watch season three but I just had to watch this. Make your decision if you want to be spoiled. It doesn’t really give any plots details away). Bring on Season 4! I can’t wait.

I’m putting this under the cut until I can find a clear version.


3 thoughts on “Ugly Wudi Season 3 Ends With a Huge Dance Finale

  1. Really? Heh that’s awesome…they must have seen my “suggestions” at AF…

    I’m so glad they’re subbing it! I didn’t get into with the first few episodes, but afterwards you start really loving all of the characters, especially her coworkers (3:10 in the vid).

  2. After hearing how much you loved this show, I was excited to see someone has started to sub this at viikii (starting with the 1st season). Yay!

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