Stars Help HOTSPOT celebrate its 2nd Anniversary


Yu Xiaowei getting ambushed with questions about Gao YuanYuan

This was from maybe two weeks ago actually… I just haven’t had time to post it until now. While most news portals’ main attraction at this event was Yu Xiaowei ‘s appearance so they could ask him questions about his relationship with Gao Yuanyuan (which has received even more interest now after Xia Yu and Yuan Quan’s marriage), I just wanted to celebrate HOTSPOT, because despite it only having existed for two years and it only being a biweekly magazine, I’ve already grown to love it in contrast to Vogue or Elle in China.


SuperVC is everywhere now and I don't mind

Meanwhile, another couple was asked about, as Deng Chao, also at the event was shown a picture of his girlfriend Sun Li in the magazine.


Zhang Junning was there, but I lost the pictures with him. To make up for it, I added outtakes of him and Zhang Yuqi to that photoshoot from Men’s Uno.

And to show you why I like HOTSPOT: Their latest photoshoot with Zhang Yuqi

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