Xue Zhiqian Comes Back With New Hair and a New Song


His first new song after his third album release over a year ago is finally here! This comeback was a bit shocking, because I have never  seen him with black hair.  I think even in his baby pictures it’s a dark or light brown, certainly never this black. And the style is now different from the usually slightly spikey hair he had that I loved. Overall… kinda emo but I guess it’s time for a change after three albums. And how after so many albums is he still  so underrated? Where’s the Xue Zhiqian love? He’s cute, he composes beautiful ballads, he sings well live, and he even dances! What’s not to love?

Jacky Xue Zhiqian – Incomplete Song (ironically I love the end of the song)

Two more photos of Xue Zhiqian from the same shoot under the cut.


Sorry, this pic was from a different site and I don’t have it bigger.


My only reservation about the song: Does anyone else think it’s similar to Ren Zhen de Xue? (It’s the second song in this vid.) I guess it’s not really a big deal, since he composed both songs, but it made me start a bit.

7 thoughts on “Xue Zhiqian Comes Back With New Hair and a New Song

  1. Wow, he’s gorgeous! And I totally agree with you in that he’s underrated.

    For some reason, I couldn’t catch the resemblance to RenZhenDeXue…Hmm…I just know both songs are really pretty to the ear.

  2. Aww, it sounds so pretty! And I keep listening to “传说,” too. I haven’t heard his first two albums, though.

  3. His third album was so good, and showed diverse composing. I loved Chuan Shuo so so much. I bought the third album, but when I go back to China I am definitely picking up his repackaged version because it contains footage from his concert. (I just realized I didn’t have his concert post tagged correctly!)

    He definitely had a sophmore slump though, lol. Hopefully his fourth album is as good as his third.

  4. If you hadn’t said who it was, I don’t think I would have recognized him in these new photos. Wow.

    Incomplete Song does sound like 认真的雪 at times. I must’ve listened to 认真的雪 a hundred times when it first came out haha. I had no clue who he was back then but I loved his album. Thanks for making me move on to his 3rd! I’m really enjoying it.

  5. OMG, I swear I just clicked played on his 给我的爱人 and thought I’d see what you were up to here haha. Okay, let me read your post now… :D

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