Huang Xiaoming Sings the Second Theme for “The Message”, Cast Does Cosmo


Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing, and Zhang Hanyu

Three of the actors of the film, including Huang Xiaoming graced this month’s cover for Cosmo; the rest of that shoot behind the cut. I really hope there are outtakes, because the HXM + LBB ones  in the vid below looked cute. Although what I really want for a photoshoot is one with  LBB and Zhou Xun.

Behind the Scenes of the Cosmo Shoot:

The theme song sung by Huang Xiaoming is below the cut, because after watching the Cosmo shoot vid, I decided it was cuter.




I actually like this song (called simply “Feng Sheng”) a lot better than Chen Chusheng’s theme. The composer of this was Cao Xuanbin, who I mentioned had wanted to be a singer. Sadly, he’s still composing for others, but at least now he composes for more high-profile things, although neither song sounds as eerie as the film’s ambiance looks.

Huang Xiaoming – Feng Sheng

5 thoughts on “Huang Xiaoming Sings the Second Theme for “The Message”, Cast Does Cosmo

  1. Or Chen Chusheng…

    Huang Xiaoming’s singing doesn’t follow the beautiful flow of the song…reminds me a bit of Zhu Zixiao’s song in MS.

  2. Huang Xiaoming you can tell isn’t a professional singer, but his voice is pleasant enough to not be grating. I can’t help but think how nice it would have been for Jane Zhang to sing this song though.

    The Behind the Scenes vid was so adorable. HXM looks so shy in real life.

  3. Jo, i second what you said about HXM, he has improved a lot! Looks like all his hard work is paying off ^_^

  4. Wow, this new theme is really good. Xiaoming’s singing has improved a lot. :D And he’s so cute in the behind the scenes video! His smile makes my heart melt… haha.

    I second what you said about a photoshoot with Li Bingbing and Zhou Xun. :)

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