BOBO’s Photoshoot With Plushies


In lieu of a second album, BOBO has been giving us photoshoots, which is nice for the time being, especially if they are cute as this. They pose with various plushies, which evoke thoughts of childhood, and we thought it would be a good time to translate one of the blog entries that is representative of of Jing Boran’s dislike of fame and struggles with what it means to grown up and be responsible. He always smiles and does a great job with whatever’s given to him when the camera is on, but he’s pensive off camera and sometimes says these thoughts in interviews or his blog. Fu Xinbo doesn’t say much to the public, but Jing Boran says they say a lot to each other off camera, and it’s nice that they do have each other for talking about things like this.

Jing Boran’s blog entry about growing up and dealing with the fame that is now an inescapable part of his life:
– translated by idarklight,

Once upon a time
when a boy was 18, he received a pair of wings
the boy wanted to become an angel
so without any doubts nor directions, he flew toward the sky
he flew higher and further
but he doesn’t yet know
the moment he flew up
he could never return

the lives of 18-year-old children are beautiful
they can do many things
can sweetly go shopping with their girlfriends
can play video games with best friends
can laugh loudly when they’re happy
can cry loudly when they’re sad
when they’re rebellious family and friends will understand them
they’re free
But that boy, could only be in the endless sky,
flying with all his strength, flapping his wings
as they slowly blur the true happiness and life of an 18-year-old

But he doesn’t regret flying toward the sky
he found another happiness
he can touch things that people can’t even see in the sky
he can touch the clouds
he can be closer to the sun and the moon
in the sky, he’s like a shining star
he flew through many cities
in the cities, there are many people
many people smiled, and looked at him with eyes of admiration and worship
perhaps they also want to know what the boy’s life in the sky is like
perhaps in their heart’s, the boy is a smiling angle
perhaps in their hearts, he’s boy who only knows how to fly and smile sheepishly
but seeing them, the boy is very happy

the boy knows, to see the people smile more
he has to fly harder
fly higher, fly further
and so
the boy turned 19
the 19-year-old boy is still flying alone in the sky, floating East and floating West
carrying with him the pain and happiness
behind the admirations, the boy also has many pains
he feels like the the air is cold
while flying, he’s also been through many rain and wind, thunder and lightning
he hides with all his life
at crucial moments, the sun and moon will help him out
the boy’s tired , he doesn’t feel safe
he’s too lonely; he has no one to talk to
sometimes he would fly back to see the normal kids’ lives
sometimes he’s even jealous
he thought of flying back to the surface, cutting down his wings
but after falling to the ground, will it be disaster or paradise?
he doesn’t know
and so, he stays confused

The boy is now 20
through the wind and rain, the boy grew up
he learned to protect himself with silence
when he’s hurt
he’ll clean his wings
sometimes he’ll face obstacles directly, and sometime he’ll want to escape
he wants to disappear in the world for a few second
and so he continued to fly

although sometimes he’ll go back to watch the normal kids live
he no longer admire them
he knows, that these kids will eventually grow their own wings, and fly toward their own skies
the boy matured
he knows he’s lucky, and he learned to be thankful
he understood something
the moment he grew wings
the sky became his fate
he can only use his wings to soar up high

I believe I can fly









11 thoughts on “BOBO’s Photoshoot With Plushies

  1. Can I just summarize it with “pelt of a dead fox”? Or maybe “Han Geng in black hose”?

    If you’re still wondering what it looks like, it’s here:

    Thankfully, Henry and Zhou Mi’s tiebas haven’t exactly been filled with a lot of love for this photoshoot. The international fans have been liking it plenty, though. I guess you could argue it’s a kind of artistry, but in that case, it’s a kind of artistry I really don’t care for.

    So that I don’t end on an upset note, upon rereading the blog post, I really like how it flowed, how you kinda ride the emotions he spoke of, and how he ended it saying how everyone has their own sky to fly towards… He’s a very thoughtful person.

  2. Wow…a photoshoot made you sad? How bad could it have been? What magazine was it?

    Btw… I just realized some of the pics in this shoot were missing. Let me go fix it. Stupid wordpress always does this!

  3. Aw, seeing this post is just what I needed to cheer me up after the little (and IMO, distasteful) fiasco with SJM’s newest photoshoot. Jing Boran’s words are so sweet, and the photoshoot is very cute. ^^

  4. ohoh i remember this post! altho i could only read bits and pieces of the first couple lines before i gave up due to my lack of chinese reading abilities. even then with the little chunks i could get out of his post, i was impressed with the way it was written and i knew that if i could read the whole thing, that it’d be really beautiful and touching.

    im glad you translated this, because i was really disappointed when i felt like i couldn’t properly read it with the understanding that it deserves to be read with. i think his little parable explains his thoughts and emotions quite clearly… i feel like i could see from both the perspective of the people on the ground admiring him (the position i’m in right now) and the perspective of him as the person who has to keep on flying higher to keep all the people happy (his perspective).

    ive always known that being a celebrity isn’t easy or always as fun as they make it seem. but i think he put it very nicely in his last few lines, where he says that “the moment he grew wings, the sky became his fate. he can only use the wings to soar up high.” not that i believe in fate, but i do believe that since he had the opportunity and the ability to reach where he is now, naturally, he has to be one of the few who have the ability to handle the fame and hardships that accompany it. and with that ability that he has discovered he has, it’s also only natural that he continue where he is going.

    posts like these make me very happy, because it seems like a plethora (actually i don’t know for sure, but i get this impression) of teenage celebrities don’t have much of a way with words which makes them seem talented, but not very intelligent in a way, aside from the common manners and respect that’s expected from celebrities. i feel like even though jing boran seems very unserious and playful on screen, there’s a deeper part of him that he has underneath the carefree exterior that makes him respectable and admirable as a person, not a celebrity. not only was this written very beautifully, language-wise, but the meaning and the parable itself was very nicely thought out and set out his point quite clearly.

    i’m sure my mom would approve! :D

  5. omg i remember reading that post on his blog such a long time ago, back when I barely knew who they where. And it’s probably this post that made me fall in love wit him =] &the pics are ubber cute <3

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