Wang Xiaokun’s MV for Liang Wan Cheng


I wanted to post on his album Those Girls You Like, Or Don’t Like, I Like Them All when it came out this summer, but I figured waiting for this MV was an easier way to make people listen to his  soothing voice, or at least take notice, because I get sometimes frustrated that if it’s not a boyband, or not flashy, then people won’t try it. I’m not sure how many people remember him from this post.

The “story” of the  MV is a love between two girls that doesn’t work out.

Disclaimer: The MV has wrist cutting, which I did not realize when I posted it. And I can’t stand thinking that anyone would watch this and think  that is any sort of acceptable means to deal with anything. So watch at your own risk. and then watch the happy MVs afterward. In general I don’t trust people not to get easily influenced by entertainment and media. The song was pretty but the MV was  surprisingly without disclaimer that the act at the end has no beauty in it. Just eat a lot of ice cream like everyone else.


Wang Xiaokun having fun with the ladies. I really freaking can't ever imagine Qi Wei cutting herself. Ugh.

Qi Wei, one of Wang Xiaokun’s friends, plays one of the girls. She’s part of the duo “Boy and Girl” (Nan Cai Nv Mao) who recently came out with an album, called 2U. I have below the cut. Killing two birds with one stone here.

I don’t understand why she’s paired with blonds in both MVs. I don’t really think the color suits either person, guy or girl. Yuan Chengjie should not go blond at all.  Qi Wei’s hair on the other hand makes me jealous. The 2U album is worth noting in my opinion because it has the catchy Fantasy Romance song. I posted this MV before…but I ‘m posting it again. Perfect example of awesome product placement.

6 thoughts on “Wang Xiaokun’s MV for Liang Wan Cheng

  1. Not only are the English names a little annoying (especially the weird ones) but I hate it when some singers insert English words or phrases into their songs.

    I end up disliking the entire song because of it.

  2. Love the song. I really like when pop is integrated with classical chinese instruments. Sounds peaceful and relaxing, so very soothing.

  3. I think it’s the erhu. I didn’t really notice this song at first compared to his song I had in the other post, but it grew on me after a few listens, and now I think it’s beautiful.

    And OMG…I just rewatched this and realized she slit her wrist at the end. And I just noticed the goldfish bowl symbolism. This does show the pain of breakups quite well, but does it have to end like that???

    I don’t know if I should have put the other MVs up now. The contrast is way, way too great and the mind doesn’t want that sort of whiplash from painfully sad to happy.

    Yeah… the English names. It seems popular with singers in China and it’s annoying. I still blame it on British colonization of Hong Kong since they were the first Chinese-speaking area with strong entertainment scene. I will always like Zhang Ziyi for taking a stand against it. I suppose there is some sort of novelty or appeal in choosing an English name though…like being able to choose your own name.

    Apple’s a cute name though, for a girl.

  4. I only noticed this the second time I read this through, but…is his name “Essay”? . _ .

    Chinese celebrities should just stop adopting English names. No other country does it to this extent, and half the time, the names are just embarrassing. u _ u
    I don’t want to meet any more Rainbow/Sunshine/Apple Wongs. = _ =

  5. I love his voice with the Erhu.

    The song sort of reminds me of MiYao’s “Butterfly,” except they had the cello (or is this the cello too and I just thought it was Erhu because of the Guzheng?)

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