Sodagreen’s Fever MV for their “Summer” Album


I had written about Sodagreen’s Vivaldi project back in this post, when they came out with their Spring album. I don’t post much outside of mainland entertainment anymore  due to time constraints, which I feel guilty about, but I will post ever single time Sodagreen comes out with another “Season” because it’s interesting and I want to compare them all. This time “Summer” is set in London, where they filmed their MV and their style is supposed to be London rock. The MV is filmed by London-based Zeroes for Heroes. Lead singer Qing Feng has also experienced another hair color change accordingly.

Overall,I’m impressed that they’ve managed to keep up quality with their two albums/year timeline not to mention Qing Feng writing for various artists in Taiwan’s music scene on the side. However, I think Spring and the MV for it was more interesting and brought out the beauty of Taiwan’s taitung county, but that just might just because they are Taiwanese and know the place better than anywhere else.

I know the MV came out a few days ago and this post is late but I have an enormous backlog of posts that I’d like to do so stay tuned for those.

2 thoughts on “Sodagreen’s Fever MV for their “Summer” Album

  1. I guess I had lower expectations than you, being a Jay Chou fan of sorts, where his extracurricular activities have severely dropped his album quality notches to where it was bad.

    Not only did Sodagreen set a time constraint on themselves, but as well they set a style limit. So I was pleasantly surprised that the albums were as good as they were. It’s not their best, but like you said, better than most still.

    But I’m a bit worried for Autumn and winter. If they can pull that off and maintain even the quality of Spring and Summer, then well… now that’ll be impressive.

  2. Keep up quality? Really? I didn’t particularly like the spring album, and the summer album isn’t doing too much for me, either (not to mention not really reminding me much of summer in particular), though as a whole, I guess I like it more than the spring album. Judging by reception I’ve seen, I’m not the only one who thinks this is a bit of a downturn from their usual highs; their previous albums were better received, and, IMO, just plain better…

    Still as good as the best from some other bands – it’s just that I expected more from them than to sound rather average.

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