A-One’s “Jie Jie” Has One Million Ringtone Downloads


I had posted something about A-One a day or two ago, but it was more cathartic written than read, and so I took it down. But finally I can post something hopeful about their comeback.  Their first single, Jie Jie had more than one million ringtone downloads. The veracity of this article is questionable, because no one even commented on the song at Sohu, but it’s still nice to hear. KS, for a smaller company, has done a great job with their songs, choreography, and pretty much everything except clothes, so it would be such a shame to see them not work out, especially when the guys have been working nonstop for the past year with very little gratification compared to other boybands.

I’m not sure why Yao Mingjun was chosen for a solo, since he’s not the lead singer, but he did write the lyrics, which you can read here. Fancams of them performing their second single below the cut.


Below is their performance of their next single which should have an MV. Hopefully. That insect song from their first album had an MV, but unfortunately it still to this day has not been released. I only assume that it’s because this particular comeback was supposed to be the one that’s a nationwide release, and that they’re releasing it with the second album. Otherwise it’s probably not seeing the light of day.

And Yu Hongjun imitates different people singing Qian Li Zhi Wai. Yay for China’s Jay Chou love!

1 thought on “A-One’s “Jie Jie” Has One Million Ringtone Downloads

  1. that’s cute, he’s talking about a big sister right? cute.
    and i totally like the chorus.
    although i think they are still a little bit sloppy when they dance, they are pretty much okay. no where to go but up, right?

    i usually dont like when in groups only one person gets to sing. but now i know his name, Yao MingJun. he reminds me of Super Junior’s leader Ee Teuk. both are really handsome.

    AOne aint so bad after all. their music is more on the soft, smooth side. i like that. they can even dance to a slower song which i also like too.

    THANKS :)

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