Zhang Ziyi for Harper’s Bazaar


I’m guessing most people have seen these pictures already, but I’m going to post them here too because I want a compendium of  photoshoots on this site, and these are so pretty and very Chinese. I won’t be putting up thumbnails much anymore,  because   they take longer to post, and few click anyway, which defies the entire aesthetic point. That also means a higher photoshoot to other content ratio on this site since I can’t lump photoshoots together if they aren’t in thumbnail form. Hopefully that doesn’t overwhelm anyone.

This shoot is part Harper’s Bazaar’s Chinese-themed photoshoots for China’s 60th anniversary. Can’t wait to see what they have in the future. ^^ I think it’s odd that it featured ZZY only after Sophie’s Revenge was out of theaters though, and already available for legal viewing on websites like Sohu.







3 thoughts on “Zhang Ziyi for Harper’s Bazaar

  1. Zhang Zi Yi… west to the east and east to the west.

    I like this photoshoot, though… she’s pretty.

  2. I guess I shouldn’t use my blue eyes to attract attention, this is fabulous work and she is really pretty.

  3. I get a sense of playfullness in the background of most of the stills she does. I get to see it in action with her movies.
    I got three tuxido shirts myself.
    The studio does her up real clean, they push what she exudes but you got to trick us if you want to win when you play. I see her as Hu Li in Rush Hour 2 a lot, clean for a reason, hah. (not ha – ha)

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