A Pair of Cpop Duos’s Recent Photoshoots


Both BOBO and BBFF recently had some nice professional photoshoots, which is nice, because Chinese idols have a limited magazine market, and thus, crappy pics. BOBO  will next be seen in the movie Young Gods of Cookery, the trailer of which you can watch here. Not surprisingly it looks fairly low budget since the two are at the bottom rung of Hua Yi’s actor ladder, but it’s still cute even if an album would be better. Blue Bird Flying Fish hasn’t gained many fans since their debut but they’ve been quite busy and actually released music unlike BOBO. Listen to them sing prettily here.


From 1kaphoto.









Blue Bird Flying Fish

From photographer Zhang Zongkai’s blog here.


9 thoughts on “A Pair of Cpop Duos’s Recent Photoshoots

  1. Oh, and @idarklight

    I just read your comment and I agree so much. I like BOBO because they are comforting somehow.The fact that Jing Boran really hates fame makes me just love them more, because no matter what he and Fu Xinbo go out and perform with a smile, act using all the skills they have, and keep studying things, improving themselves.

    I love it when artists love what they are doing, but I appreciate it when they do something they don’t love with 100%. Because unfortunately, many people do end up in a job that they dislike, but it’s only professional to do whatever it is you’re doing with “ren zhen”.

  2. @julie

    Lol, yeah I am on the computer a lot. One of the reasons I started this site was because I knew I needed to be on a lot last fall semester, and it was a good way to kill time. Now I’m on the computer even more for my classes, but I don’t have time to kill. :(

    I’m still woozy…I don’t know why. I actually got 6-7 hrs per night this past week. Ugh…and I have lab today.

    I just edited in a picture btw…it’s the second to last. I don’t know why it didn’t show because it was my favorite.

  3. Oh, I like the last BOBO photo. They have big shoes, though.

    And you know what they say about guys with big shoes…

    Big socks? : |

  4. I liked both photoshoots equally; BBFF’s was eye-catching, but BOBO’s drew your eyes to the boys.

    Just not that impressed by BBFF right now. Their personalities are fun, but it’s just not catching, for some reason… And most of their songs don’t suit their voices, even if they suit their personalities. A lot of them are just written in keys that are too high for them, IMO.

  5. Nice post
    As much as I love bobo, I think bbff had better photos

    @cfensi: youre always on the computer LOL, get more sleep =)

  6. I just unprivatized this…tell me if there’s something funny in what I wrote because I got incredibly faint while writing it and was pretty knocked out for a while. I’m still kinda of out of it.

    I severely need sleep.

  7. BOBO T_T

    I miss them so much. BOBO had something beautiful about them that no one else did. An ideal, almost a fantasy. 1+1=2….but BOBO had something in their “+” that made them much larger than 2. I love daBO and xiaoBo, but even more, I love the idea of the invisible connection that connects the two halves…whether it’s there or not, its idea makes me smile. Fall in love? Or fall in love with an illusion?

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