Super Girls photobook

LXJ photo 1c

The top 10 Super Girls are all releasing their own mini(?)-photobooks. Looking through these pictures, which are far not too artistic but captures the girls in their natural prettieness, it is not hard to realize how bad Elle must be to make the girls look anything less than gorgeous.

The first batch of pictures released are  that of Li Xiaoyun, Liu Xijun, Yu Kewei, Zeng Yike, Pan Hongyue and Li Yuanxi.

Li Xiaoyun:

LXY photo 1c

LXY photo 1bLXY photo 1d

Yu Kewei:

YKW photo 1aYKW photo 1b

Liu Xijun:

LXJ photo 1b
LXJ photo 1d

Zeng Yike:


Pan Hongyue:

PHY photo 1b

Li Yuanxi:

LYX photo 1a

LYX photo 1bLYX photo 1c

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  1. @darklight

    i have a lenovo too. (U330) : ) supporting china products. :p

    is it just me… did yu kewei get plastic surgery on her nose?

  2. Should I just post the links here when I’ve finished uploading them? “High歌” is going to take more time because it’s a pretty big file.

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