The 3rd Annual Modern Sky Festival Coming Soon

It’s Chaoyang park time again you guys!!!!! The arrival is ushered in by this year’s poster (they’re always so cool...check out last year’s) which is similar to a a Magritte painting. China’s biggest indie label Modern Sky must be doing really, really well. Last year’s festival didn’t have any foreign acts, but this year is filled with them, and that doesn’t come cheap, not to mention that Modern Sky had already probably spent money organizing the Strawberry Festival this past summer. I will try to post on this once it happens.

For the official website (which also looks cool) click here.

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And sources tell me Bearbiscuit (an awesome band from Xinjiang) was rumored to possibly be playing there. They really should be there.  The song below of theirs is called Silence. /pimping.

Listen to the rest of their album at this youtube channel

Queen Sea Big Shark


Life Journey

13 thoughts on “The 3rd Annual Modern Sky Festival Coming Soon

  1. Oh, lol…that’s actually pretty funny. I don’t blame them! I was so excited to think they might be playing even though it’s not like I would be there to see them.

    I just want the guys to get some exposure!

  2. I found out how the rumor of Bearbiscuit playing this festival started. Someone added the band’s photo to the festival event page at douban… because they really wanted Bearbiscuit to be there haha. Can’t blame them. Maybe Modern Sky will think of them next year.

  3. I imagine that’s why they got them.

    But I’m surprised at how many foreign acts there are this year compared to last year.

    I feel like, they saved their money to be able to put out a second festival in the summer, and that went well, and their artists are doing well so they’re free to put out more foreign acts.

    Hopefully this will become one of the staples of Asian rock festivals. My cousin lives in Roskilde; I’m quite envious of her.

  4. Thanks for the introduction to Bearbiscuit – from what I’ve heard, they’re a pretty good pop-punk band, with solid compositional skills to boot.

    God, I wish I could go to one of these festivals someday. Modern Sky must be doing pretty well to get the Buzzcocks. And hoshiz, Diesel:U:Music World Tour, with Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt… Do they realize how much of an insane, drunken rave those guys usually bring?

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