“The Message” Theme Song by Chen Chusheng Released

Long time no see Chen Chusheng. When we last left him, he had disappeared, unhappy with eeMedia.  Now he’s turned up again  in the MV for the Message‘s Theme Song, looking gaunt and singing a song that doesn’t seem to quite fit his voice. Although I suppose it’s a bit more suited to him than the Shampoo commercials (yes, seriously) he had to do with eeMedia.

His pathos certainly reflects the state of the characters in the movie, whom all seem to be tortured, psychologically or physically. This will be a tragedy and Chen Chusheng the Greek chorus.

We just hope that this doesn’t carrying over into real life, where Hua Yi has announced they will sign him, and with a six year contract at the minimum. While I’m happy for Chen Chusheng, and would love to hear more of his compositions, this announcement doesn’t bode well for Hua Yi-eeMedia relations.


13 thoughts on ““The Message” Theme Song by Chen Chusheng Released

  1. I couldn’t finish watching the mv. Very compelling stuff but I can’t take watching torture.

    I really hope CCS ends up happy and productive at Hua Yi.

  2. It was just easier to say, “When we last left him…disappeared”. Much more fitting to the ambiance of this post than saying he did the theme song for a tourism venture in his time off.

    But you know, I don’t think he’ll be unhappy under Hua Yi, not very much. I think Hua Yi manages their artists well, and he can bond with Yu Quan, Yang Kun, all those singer-songwriters.

  3. …This song’s composition doesn’t really match the trailer. And for chrissake, people need to stop overdoing that shaky cam effect. It’s not the end-all, be-all of camerawork, and this took it to annoying levels.

  4. Oh, I’m not talking about the accuracy of the article; I just think Hua Yi just lied in their statement about not helping him pay off the contract breach fee.

  5. I’m scared to see a He Jie-like slump from him. That’ll be really sad.

    If that were true, I hope he talks to Wei Chen soon.

    I’ve liked all of his songs except for this one…I think “you mei you ren” could’ve had a better arrangement and a better producer, though.

  6. This was my favorite composition by him:


    He’s definitely better when he’s happy.

    Who knows about the lawyer. Perhaps he’s really working for eeMedia so that they can get rid of the people they want but still get a large settlement from it.

    His song distracted me from the trailer bits of the MV. They didn’t fit together. Although I enjoyed the trailer bits nonetheless. This movie is bringing out the sadistic side of me.

  7. This, imo, is one of the crappiest compositions that Chen Chusheng has allowed himself to release…and to have it be the theme song of such a big movie is kind of sad…Chen Chusheng could’ve done better.

    I sincerely hope that Huayi works out for him, because he does have so much talent…but this isn’t exactly the best start.

    btw. why hasn’t eeMedia bribed/poisoned/kidnapped/assassinated that Zhou lawyer yet?

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