Jane Zhang is really, really hot


Jane Zhang’s promotional photo for her October 6th “I love this City – Chengdu” concert. Enough said.

11 thoughts on “Jane Zhang is really, really hot

  1. If you photoshopped a bow in her hand and a quiver with arrows looped across her shoulder, she’d look like, like…some sort of Amazonian elf lady. This look makes Jane look…fiercer, I think.

    I prefer it when she wears her hair down. Her black hair, that is. > <

  2. Oh…

    Well that sucks. That’s an absolutely ridiculous demand, and it’s sad that she was coerced into complying.

    This doesn’t show modernity. This shows the exploits of commercialism, and that’s just downright depressing.

  3. @Neph

    The backdrop of the article is:

    Jane said she was really uncomfortable with this type of image, including the blond hair and the huge looped earing. It took her three months to even agree to dye her hair.

    She said this “image” was requested by the company that’s hosting the concert ( the “zhu ban fang”), because the company wanted to show the modernity of the city….?

  4. Oh, so this is Universal’s doing.

    Why am I not surprised…?

    At the same time, it’s not as though Universal would force that on her, would it? I’m guessing she chose the outfit, and I’d rather not think about why.

  5. I’m afraid that these posters symbolize the different trajectories Jane is taking with the two companies.

    Hua Yi may be boring in some ways, but they were classy, and not just about money. They encouraged their artists in civic activities and pursuits.

    Whereas whenever I think about Universal I just think company who does remakes and focuses too much on money, i.e. superficial.

  6. Clarification – Not implying that Jane is as bad as Shakira in She Wolf, heavens no. The day Jane gets to be like that will be one sad day indeed, IMO.

  7. Uggghhh. Shakira’s She Wolf started playing in my head the moment I saw that picture. That’s the same kind of sex appeal Shakira did for her She Wolf MV – skintight, skin-colored clothing that is distressingly pseudo-revealing. I have no idea when this became a hot trend, but it’s one that I hope will die a quick death. Jane, I thought, was too beautiful and classy for that kind of nonsense, especially with the annoying PSed effects and the cheesy sequins or gemstones or whatever… It doesn’t suit her.

    Well, at least Jane’s is still noticeably clothing…

  8. My favorite Jane pictures are with pandas, in Chengdu/Hangzhou, and the purple fairy-like one.

    I think most people look prettier natural, and the Chengdu/Hangzhou pictures really bring that out.

    This picture was just really shocking for me. Mainly because of the outfit that seems photoshopped.

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