Men’s Uno’s Sexy Couple: Zhang Yuqi and Zhang Junning


Men’s Uno’s second couple photoshoot. These two could be considered two of the hottest rising actors in China, and with two of the most perfect set of looks. Kitty Zhang Yuqi, discovered by Stephen Chow for CJ7 while Zhang Junning, was discovered by drama scriptwiter/director Hai Yan. Both men have midas touches when it comes to make an actress and actor respectively, famous. Together the two are paired in the desert heat to interpret a passionate love, and continue that interpretation in the Versace hotel in Australia.








6 thoughts on “Men’s Uno’s Sexy Couple: Zhang Yuqi and Zhang Junning

  1. she was rather quite plain and natural looking in cj7, but she looks smoking hot in these photos!

  2. wow, they look HOT HOT HOT!!
    btw, did junning ge redyed his hair? it looks sooooooo much better.

    except, the bed photoshoots are like O_O

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