Men’s Uno’s Classic Couple: Liu Ye and Wang Luodan


Men’s Uno is bringing out all the stops today to provide us with great photoshoots. Liu Ye and Wang Luodan, both having made a solid name for themselves with their acting are paired to show an interpretation of love in a French town. With the paved roads, quaint gardens, and old churches, and the sunlight reflecting off them, it shows a quaint, almost stoic love of many years ago.






5 thoughts on “Men’s Uno’s Classic Couple: Liu Ye and Wang Luodan

  1. liu ye’s super cool in an innocent, mature guy way and Wang Luo Dan’s super cool in a funny, rock youth way. Well, she’s not really rock but she plays drums which is kinda rock…

  2. boy does liu ye looks good in those motorcycle shoots.
    i would love it if he can come back and make some dramas.
    but he’s prbly just right in the time of spending more time with his wife.

  3. does married men always get hotter when they’re married?

    liu ye was my first mainland chinese eye-candy, and no doubt has his still stick to my list as #1.

    but i’m not too familar with wang luo dan.

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