Chinese Indie is Coming to a City Near You!


The cute drummer of Hedgehog

Not near me unfortunately, but some of you guys might be able to see them.

I love Modern Sky too too much. It’s the biggest indie label in China, and not only does it now have two successful indie music festivals in China, but it’s also bringing its acts to the States. Their bands 刺猬 Hedgehog, 赌鬼 Casino Demon, & 后海大鲨鱼 Queen Sea Big Shark are in America for the Sing For China Tour,  to benefit children orphaned by AIDS.

Click here for the tour dates and see if they are going to a city near you. There are also links to download their music on the site.

Here’s a video of Hedgehog. They are one of my favorite Chinese indie bands, simply because they were one of the first I knew of. And because the drummer is adorable. I am so jealous of everyone who can go, and I expect hear your accounts of how it went, because I need to need vicariously through you guys.

12 thoughts on “Chinese Indie is Coming to a City Near You!

  1. I just saw their concert, it was great! their mvs and don’t do their music justice…
    although hedgehog lacks the maturity of other two bands, but their music give off this refreshing, clean feeling

  2. I could hardly sleep last night planning how I’m going to get to one of their shows haha. Hedgehog is a great band to see live!

  3. No…this is for AIDS charity.

    I should have made that more clear…I just really like Modern Sky’s festivals so I threw that in there.

  4. OMG: Sept. 25 – Modern Sky Festival NYC @ Columbia University (New York, NY) – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i can’t believe they are coming to my university!!!!!!!! this rocks!

  5. OMG! Hedgehog coming to the US! God, I’m so excited… especially since I live close enough to DC to consider going to the concert there! Now, if only I didn’t have an Organic Chemistry exam the week after…

    Thank you so much for this post – it gives me motivation to study well for Orgo to see if I could go. Even better if I could convince my Chinese professor to make it class trip, though the chances of that are slight…

  6. I know…I need to write some. It’s sort of hard choosing which to post on though.

    I like to post on new people, but then some of the new people like Guo Ding are getting exposure, so then I don’t know if I’m wasting energy or what writing about them.

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