Chen Kun for Men’s Uno and Huang Xiaoming for Harper’s Bazaar for Men

I never met a Chen Kun photoshoot that I didn’t like.  In fact when I started this site I had no inkling on what I would be talking about, and only had a hazy idea of me posting up his pictures and fangirling over them. Lofty ambitions indeed no? Bloggers would be amiss really, if they aspired to anything more.  I decided to stick Huang Xiaoming‘s recent photoshoot in here too for comparison’s sake of the two magazines, which are two of the bigger ones for men in China, and also, because it’s always nice to see the former classmates together in some shape or form.









23 thoughts on “Chen Kun for Men’s Uno and Huang Xiaoming for Harper’s Bazaar for Men

  1. i’m chinese girl from myanmar
    i find chen kun’s music album and movie series in everywhere
    but not found yet

  2. if someone know chen kun’s mail address
    please tell me .I want to introduce him
    i like him so much

  3. Hah. Found out why – the Sun Honglei cover was for the special limited anniversary edition that came in the metal tin. The Chen Kun cover is for the normal issue as displayed on newsstands. I guess it says something about the relative drawing power of the two stars…Sun gets an Esquire cover but they don’t trust him to be able to sell magazines.

  4. I have no idea. Perhaps they felt Jian Guo Da Ye wasn’t so much his film as it was 100+ other people’s whereas Sun Honglei was in fact the lead man of Dirt Rich in Shanghai.

    But that seems silly. Everyone and their mother (my mother included) knows about Jian Guo Da Ye.

  5. I didn’t like Sun Honglei’s pictures though. They were boring, and the man’s not boring and has his first romantic comedy coming out. I wish the photoshoot reflected that.

    The classic picture thing is pretty cool. I posted the Chen kun pics a while back but didn’t realize it until I saw the comparison pic at Sina.

    Too bad about the Kissinger interview.

  6. I only ended up buying the Bazaar this month because Esquire was delayed (probably the fancy anniversary metal tin it came in), and because I was intrigued by the thought of a Kissinger interview. And I haven’t looked at Men’s Uno in a long, long time. So I’m afraid I can’t really say much about the two magazines in general.

    Coincidentally, there could have been a Chen Kun cover on month’s Esquire too, but it eventually went with Sun Honglei. The magazine’s on a classic cover kick, which is kind of cool.

  7. Hmmm..


    Thanks for the link! I remember you saying that you were afraid this would just be a high-budget version of An Suan and it does seem more like that. I guess we’ll have to see.

    So did you buy that particular issue or do you have a subscription? I’m curious as to which mag is actually better.


    Thanks so much for the link! I’m kind of disappointed because Pusan, while big, isn’t A-list.

    However, The Message is more if a popcorn flick to me than anything else, so getting to end any film festival I guess is good.

  8. overrall, xiao ming ge has a better photoshoot, cause you really can’t go wrong with black and white shots. plus with a fabulous looking man, it’s perfect.

    i like chen kun’s too because it’s really colorful and vibrant. it was a little sad that we could see more of chen kun’s handsome face. but i love the last pic of him.

  9. In addition to the decent Huang Xiaoming shoot, this month’s Bazaar Men’s Style had a few other selling points: an insert with lots of promotional stills from The Message that make it look visually stunning but which really accentuate how closely the character design follows the earlier TV show An Suan (some poor scans here). And it comes with a free sling bag! Rui Chenggang’s interview with Kissinger is a disappointment, however.

  10. overall i like huang xiao ming because all hte pics r pretty nice, some of chen kun’s pics u can’t actually see him, taking the focus away from the pic.

  11. Yeah…I don’t understand why covers have to look so weird sometimes. It’s not the first time. Maybe it’s a tactic to catch people’s attention and make them do a double take to see if it really is so and so. :P

    I do think that at least Men’s Harper’s Bazaar is improving which is good. I want more men’s magazines.

  12. Mmm, Huang Xiaoming. :) I really like the shot of him on the rock slab thing.

    Is it just me, or do both of them look slightly different on the covers? Maybe it’s just the angle… but I’m not getting the customary “must resist drooling” feeling when I see the first photo of Xiaoming.

  13. Overall, I like Huang Xiaoming’s photos better, if only because of photo quality. I liked the picture of Chen Kun in the grass, but his face seems misshapened in photo1

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