Chen Kun for Men’s Uno and Huang Xiaoming for Harper’s Bazaar for Men

I never met a Chen Kun photoshoot that I didn’t like.  In fact when I started this site I had no inkling on what I would be talking about, and only had a hazy idea of me posting up his pictures and fangirling over them. Lofty ambitions indeed no? Bloggers would be amiss really, if they aspired to anything more.  I decided to stick Huang Xiaoming‘s recent photoshoot in here too for comparison’s sake of the two magazines, which are two of the bigger ones for men in China, and also, because it’s always nice to see the former classmates together in some shape or form.









23 thoughts on “Chen Kun for Men’s Uno and Huang Xiaoming for Harper’s Bazaar for Men

  1. Just for the above photoshoots, Huang Xiao Ming seems to stare intensely at the camera whereas Chen Kun seems to be in his own world.

    However, no matter how cool Huang tries to be, I still think he’s more innocent/cute than Chen… so his stare doesn’t do much when placed side by side with Chen’s pics…

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