Super Girls after Zeng Yike; a summary

The girl with a 80% chance of winning Super Girls

The girl with a 80% chance of winning Super Girls

Super Girls is the epitome of a suspenseful reality TV show. After the eventful leaving of Zeng Yike, Li Yuanxi and Pan Hongyue, Pan Chen and Tan Lina soon joined them. Liu Xijun leaving was a huge surprise, but perhaps not as much as Zeng Yike or Pan Hongyue leaving. She was soon followed by Yu Kewei, leaving Huang Ying, Li Xiaoyun and Jiang Yingrong to vie for the 3 spots next week. A few of my favorite performances since the 10to7:

Wei Chen ft Yu Kewei singing their love’s duet

Jiang Yingrong shows off her stellar vocals and dancing in Huang Ling’s “High Song”

Liu Xijun gives what I think is her best performance so far, “Dear Child.”

Li Xiaoyun and Su Xing performs in a skit that made me teary:

As her voice control increases, Huang Ying’s also going increasingly rock

8 thoughts on “Super Girls after Zeng Yike; a summary

  1. i really loved liu xijun, i cant believe she ended up 5th!! and i cant believe yu kewei ended up 4th!!!!!

  2. ^ there was a song i heard and the tune was quite similar. I posted here before, but I’m not sure if that’s the song.

  3. hey I just read that apparently some song Zeng Yike wrote was plagarized cause it’s very similar to some Taiwanese song… since my chinese sucks I can’t actually work out if this is just a made up rumor or if there’s some basis to it…help?

  4. Oh…well, props for using the hot picture of Jiang Yingrong. I may be biased, but I think that’s the best pic Elle came up with for anyone in the show (not like that was hard).

  5. I decided to separate them into two posts, since this part was a bit random and didn’t fit with the rest.

    Plus, I’m at a stuck point with the other post…

  6. I’m rather disappointed you didn’t include the part about why this and Meteor Shower were successes, and what that means for eeMedia.

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