Yuan Quan and Xia Yu Got Married


I love weddings and these two kids were long overdue for one, having been together for ten years (ableit with a brief separation in between). Yuan Quan, who recently filmed a wedding scene for her film, Lian Ai Ba, and during it, told reporters that she would not want to marry as formally as she did was in the movie, because it was so exhausting, and she kept that promise by having a low-key marriage. The newly released shoot the happy couple did for the wedding also reflected that simplicity.





Article from CRIEnglish:

Actor Xia Yu married fellow actress Yuan Quan, his girlfriend of ten years, sohu.com reported on Monday.

They registered for marriage last Friday, August 28, and issued a statement announcing their marriage, expressing gratitude to all friends and hoping for more time to spend alone together.

The Oriental Morning Post reported they had attempted to downplay the event by going to a Beijing civil administration bureau in secret early Friday morning to register the marriage. But netizens identified the celebrity couple and soon the media was calling to confirm the rumors of their marriage.

Instead of a grand wedding ceremony, the couple hosted a low-key, intimate affair for both families Friday night, and are planning another private party for friends later, the report said.

Xia Yu and Yuan Quan have been together since they were students at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing. Their decade-long courtship was briefly interrupted by a love triangle involving Gao Yuanyuan, another actress, in 2007.*

The two were seen together again that October, and photos showing the two cuddling and kissing after attending the Mass Film Hundred Flowers Awards in the eastern Chinese city of Suzhou were all over the internet.

Earlier, Yuan Quan had said she was planning a long vacation in September to do some traveling alone. But according to media reports, a source close to Yuan Quan said the actress was actually taking a break to honeymoon in Japan with actor Xia Yu.

The latest reports from NetEase.com said Xia Yu hinted in a recent interview that he may consider taking several months off for a honeymoon trip around the world.

*I’d like to note that the Gao Yuanyuan thing was rumors, and that Gao Yuanyuan has repeatedly denied this with a tone of loathing for reporters each time she said it.

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  1. awww, they are so sweet.
    I remember seeing Xia Yu in the drama “I Fell In Love With A Single-Eyelids Man”

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