Ugly times three? and other remakes

ugly wudi

Ugly Wudi also dances and sings?

What happens when the American Ugly Betty, the Mexican La Fea Mas Bella, and the Chinese Ugly Wudi meets? The audience may just find out soon. According to sohu and other major websites, there are plans for a movie version of Ugly Betty that will bring the three different “Betty’s” together in Hawaii.

While we wait for that, cfensi and I are both hyped about Ugly Wudi 3 the musical that’s airing after Meteor Shower. It’s a beautiful example of Hunan TV’s creativity and willingness to move beyond the norm.

On the other hand, other TV stations seem not so original. Three of Hai Yan’s drama are set to be remade, including my favorite “Jade Goddess of Mercy.” The cast, as usual of Hai Yan dramas, are said to be new actors.
Zhejiang TV plans to imitate Hunan TV by investing in its own “eeMedia” – “Giant Blue Star Media.” It also plans to make the drama versions of “My Sassy Girlfriend,” “High School Musical (?),” “Slumdog Millionaire(?)” and “Temptation of Eve” next year. Not sure how much of any of these news are true, but they’re interestingly shocking.

sources: sina and sina

17 thoughts on “Ugly times three? and other remakes

  1. Ohh you forgot to mention the original version of all the Betty’s sagas “Betty la Fea” from Colombia.

  2. Just one question: Why High School Musical? Why? Seriously, why? I have never understood the sensation in the first place – understanding it would be the equivalence of suicide for some brain cells. This is one of those sensations I would put next to something like the Twilight sensation: excuse for illiterate people to seem like they actually read books, never mind that these books don’t have great writing or great originality. [Don’t get me started on Twilight.]

  3. i think the braids look good. as a matter of fact, i was going to comment about them in my first post.

  4. Wow…a post! Cfensi lives…lol.

    I like the idea of Slumdog millionare as a tv show to be honest. It seems it could be good as one. Or epic failure. But there’s potential.

    I don’t know about the rest. But …Ugly Wudi 3! So pumped about that.

  5. All these remakes from Zhejiang. My parents watches Zhejiang while I on the other hand watches Hunan. hahaha.

    Wow, all three “ugly bettys” coming together. I truly want to see what will happen.

  6. @yanyan

    well, it was first a book by Hai Yan, and then they made it into a drama, then a movie. I’ve never seen the movie nor read the book, but I loved the drama. It starred Sun Li, Deng Chao and Peter Ho.

    Hai Yan’s an interesting character…but I like how he uses fairly new people for his lead roles.

  7. Wow….a drama version of slumdog….sounds like a challenge. I can see High School Musical as a series though.

    Isn’t Jade Goddess of Mercy a movie with Nic Tse and Vicky Zhao, and not a drama. Either way that movie depressed me, it had such a sad ending. I couldn’t bare to watch it again.

  8. @julie
    I think they’re going to be basing it on one of their own shows…and have one of the competitors star on it (Super Girl drama flashback, anyone). I think it’s that lyrics-remember game show.

  9. Ok…I’ve thought long and hard about this but…do the heck do you make a drama version of Slumdog millionaire without it being long, draggy and boring????

  10. I can’t wait for the 3 bettys to meet lol

    zhejiang tv…..err….who knows? it might turn out good lol

  11. i guess out of all the entertainment companies, hunan tv seems to be the most unique, imaginative one.

    cant wait to see what else hunan tv is planning for its audience

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