The Drama Version of Du Lala’s Promotion Casted


Edit: I was clearly too hasty with the pictures

I think we were all a little disappointed at the movie cast of Du Lala’s promotion, but as always, China gives you two of everything at the same time for your choosing, and the cast for the drama version looks so much more promising. Xu Jinglei may be one of China’s four “Hua Dan”, but she was really, really too old to play someone at her first job. But Wang Luodan, one of the four new “Hua Dan”  is quite perfect for the job. And so is Li Guanjie, who I’ve only seen  in passing since he got his breakout role in one of those series that only people like my dad watches, but he definitely has that manly charisma and acting ability to pull off the role.

Even though I’ve come to the unpleasant realization that Beijing Film Academy produces a lot of people without too much range (yes…I am talking about the famous class of 2000) that’s fine if they keep taking the same roles they’re good at, and Wang Luodan, alumnus of that school should be fine in this role.

Meanwhile, I’ve become besotted with all the Central Academy of Drama guys once I realized I love all the actors from that school for their versatility,  and Li Guangjie is an am I looking forward to this? Yes, much more than the movie version, even if that one does have Patricia Fields as a designer.







17 thoughts on “The Drama Version of Du Lala’s Promotion Casted

  1. Why didn’t the same actress and actor continue playing the their characters in LALA’s SHINING DAY. It would have really felt complete watching the series. The new actors and actress didn’t play the character well. #bigdisappointment

  2. ….. watch that drama, “Hawthorn Love”, Li GuanJie gave such superb performance, extremely touching and profound love feelings that we can relate to moments in our life one time or another. He is tall and handsome, and hope he will be very successful in his acting career.

  3. mannnnn Li Guan Jie is good looking. he looks really handsome in those pics.. i’ve never heard of him before though, but we will now!

  4. Ive been listening to this song lately, and I thought the tune somewhat resembles one of ZYK’s song, but I can't remember which.

  5. Well, probably because Du Lala is an icon of female empowerment or something like that? And because eeMedia now probably would be the one to do the tv version of Tiny Times and they’re too busy with Meteor Shower…

    Should I make a Tiny Times thread at AF? I’m so in love with my cast…

  6. How can they have a movie AND a TV version of Du Lala, which I couldn’t even force myself to finish…but still no news of Tiny Times?

    The latter had much more interesting writing style and plot, not to mention heck a lot more eyecandy.

  7. Yeah, the pictures’ qualities look worse than the ones I have on my old digital camera from like 10 years ago. The HUGE digital cameras… when digital cameras were new.

    Again, why is WLD so skinny? …….. I need to lose weight. These days I keep eating and eating and eating…

  8. It’s horrid isn’t it?

    I felt like getting out my second rate version of photoshop and playing around with the pics, even though I suck at photoshop.

    *Sigh* Most Chinese series don’t really get any photoshoots at this early in the production, before the series starts, so I guess anything is better than nothing.

    Man, I really want to see volleyball women.

  9. I like the second picture (though it reminds me of the stereotypical, kind-hearted school teacher in anime), but wow, that is terrible lighting for a photoshoot. u _ u

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