Meteor Shower shows off Super Boys’ composings

The Super Boys Musical airing on the 29th also features self-compositions by the boys.

The Super Boys Musical airing on the 29th also features self-compositions by the boys.

Other than exceeding almost everyone’s expectations in terms of acting, scenery and script, Meteor Shower’s other big plus is its music. The OST also shows off eemedia’s composing talents by featuring at least two (possibly four) insert songs composed by their very own Wei Chen and Lu Hu.

Wei Chen is the co-composer/co-producer of his official insert song – “Replacement lover.” Lu Hu wrote the background vocal, which Wei Chen also sung. He also has another insert song called “Rain Marks” that he composed himself that’s not in the official OST but at a little after 3 minutes in this trailer. Lu Hu composed Zhang Han’s insert song, for which he is also the background vocalist. And if this trailer is an indication of the insert songs in the drama, the song at around 13 minutes is called “that idiot is me.” That song is also composed by Lu Hu, with Wei Chen writing the lyrics.

Wei Chen and Lu Hu aren’t the only Super Boys releasing self-compositions recently. Allen Su Xing also released his present for the 60th birthday of the PRC, named China China:

This is a pimp post for Super Boys’ self-compositions. To me, there are artists that make you a happy longtime fan, and ones that make you happy only occasionally. Jane is the perfect example of the former. She may not always have a “wow” song or performance, but you can see her always improving, always trying to be better and having exciting new endeavors. The Super Boys, though most of them have released little official products, have managed to make us very proud by their composing adventures. Wang Yuexin puts it the best – “you can’t not compose with us. Everyone composes.” While their compositions may not be great, but it’s always heartwarming to know that they’re furthering their musical interests and trying new things, and not because their company wants them to look good.

Chen Chusheng is no doubt the best composer. He’s managed to maintain a high level of quality in various types of music, and he has the vocals to pull off any of them. But he, along with Wang Zhengliang, Ji Jie, Guo Biao and Yao Zheng, seem to have continued their own ways after Super Boys and thus did not participate in the musical discussions of the younger boys. Amongst them, Wang Zhengliang has released two self-compositions – a Sichuan love one that I adore, and a mediocre one from Jane, Guo Biao wrote a good song for Xu Fei, and Yao Zheng has released another single on graduating.

Su Xing is the one that improved the most. His “Autumn” during Super Boys was far from anything Chen Chusheng has released and not even up to the level of Amu’s compositions. But after Super Boys, Su Xing seems to have found his style of music. He went the rap route, first with Preface, then my favorite – It’s the Magic, and now China China. Other than those three, he and Wei Chen also wrote the rap parts of Happiness I decide.

Zhang Jie hasn’t done anything recently, but I really liked his Northern Star’s Love from his My Show days. Ji Jie, Wang Yuexin and Zhang Yuan have all attempted composing, but nothing published yet. Amu’s releasing a new album this year. You can hear one of the songs from his album here. You can also read more about Lu Hu’s composing here.

To me, this is what frustrates me about He Jie – she broods, she broods, and that’s it. Wang Yuexin broods, but he’s also self-improving at the same time. Su Xing broods (and curses heavily), but he’s still finding ways to do what he loves, and that’s what really matters. To use a quote from his blog:

happy [late] 2nd birthday to [the Super Boys’] career.. it sucks but i m loving it^^

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  1. I love Su Xing…

    even if I think he’s a little fake sometimes (which is why I suspect why he’s so underrated…because he’s not the cute, warm type) as long as he’s being productive, that’s all that matters, and he perhaps has grown the most of all the Superboys.

  2. Ah, Chen Chusheng. I really admire that guy – he’s definitely a solid composer with a well-ranged voice, and I like how willful his is.

    This post totally made me remember to check up on some of these boys; I’d been intending to for quite a while now, and still haven’t for most of them.

    Airing on the 29th? I thought it was bound for theaters?

  3. well, it wasn’t the specific compositions I wanted to talk about, but their composing skills in general…I guess “composing skills” would’ve been better.

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