Everyone Joins in for Taiwan Typhoon Relief


Shu Qi and Kelly Lin, arguably Taiwan's two top leading ladies help raise money for Typhoon relief

Natural disasters are always so painful, but one of the nice things is seeing all the people come together to help one another. Jet Li , Andy Lau joined celebrities in Taiwan with answering phones on Friday night as two televised fundraisers brought in more than 1.1 billion Taiwan dollars (33 million US dollars) for aid for the typhoon that is estimated to take 500 lives in Taiwan. In one village, Hsiao Lin suffered a massive landslide where almost no one survived.

For more pictures of these guys hard at work go here.

3 thoughts on “Everyone Joins in for Taiwan Typhoon Relief

  1. The Typhoon was really shocking in how much damage it caused… :( I was pretty shocked seeing everything on TV…

    Thanks for the link yelei…so those are celeb pics of actresses who transitioned from child stars? Yang Mi was a cutie…

    the only one I ever saw act as a child though was Yang Zi, in Jia You Er Nv. She was awesome…I hope she makes it as an adult.

  2. It’s good to see all these celebrities helping out to bring in donations. And it’s good to see the public donating, too.
    The Typhoon was pretty bad… > _ <
    The rescue operations will be successful, hopefully, and the people will be able to rebuild their lives.

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