Behind the Scenes Pictures from “Lian Ai Ba”‘s Wedding Scene


Sigh…because of this site I have so many movies, dramas that I am looking forward to , that I may not actually have time to watch. “Lian Ai Ba” is one of them. I have a lot of affection for all of the actors, and it’s nice to see a mature modern day romance about adults refinding love. So even if I’m a little wary of the first-time director, I will definitely be following  this. And Chen Kun and Lu Yi in suits? Just two words: So shuai!













And while searching for these pictures I also found baby pictures of Yuan Quan to add to the growing collection:




13 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes Pictures from “Lian Ai Ba”‘s Wedding Scene

  1. OH I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS SERIAL!! Thanks for posting the follow-ups! Glad to know someone is as eager as me to watch this.
    ahhhhhhh…I even like Chen Kun’s bombastic hair. image that.

  2. Hmm…you didn’t know he was with Xie Na? Lol…I guess he’s sort of the quiet type.

    I have to say, although I think Chen Kun is good-looking…I’m surprised by all the comments about him.

    If I were given a choice btw him and Lu Yi to marry, I wouldn’t even think twice. It’d be Lu Yi all the way.

  3. Ah, lol…I always thought Olivia Hussey looked Asian too, lol.

    She’s so gorgeous, a bit different from Yuan Quan’s beauty, which is more mature, assured. She had this wide-eyed innocence that was perfect for the movie. Leonard Whiting was perfectly beautiful too… Romeo and Juliet is one of those stories where the leads need to stunning, because it’s such a superficial, love at first sight deal and Franco Zefferelli totally delivered in casting.

    This movie is the opposite, with a divorced couple slowly realizing the extent of their love so hopefully the leads can use their acting to show that.

  4. ^ you mean Olivia Hussey? I would agree since I always thought she looked Asian lol. Dang, really wanna watch this.

  5. My thoughts exactly on Yuan Quan looking completely European. Like that last picture – she looks like the actress who played Juliet in that one version of Romeo & Juliet. Forget what her name was.

    It looks sweltering. The two guys must be dying in their suits, LOL.

  6. I very, very rarely end up with this impression, but…

    My god, Chen Kun. I don’t like the hair too much, but him in that suit… daaang.

  7. She’s Han Chinese from Hubei, which is in the middle of China.

    While I usually roll my eyes at when people say Asians look mixed, when I first saw a picture of her, it was when I was looking for Liu Yie pictures and she was on stage in the play Amber with him…I thought she was white. Not mixed. Just completely white.

    When I saw her promo pictures for the stage play Jane Eyre and she was dressed up as a 1800s Englishwoman, she looked like she was white too. It depends on what she’s wearing and how she’s styled.

    Central China probably has that a lot, since it’s easier to get a mix of the stereotypical northern features and southern features. Very unique combinations.

    I don’t think she’s the prettiest actress out there, but she’s fairly unique looking. And she’s a great actress so hoping this movie turns out well and not like Painted Skin.

  8. Yuan Quan looks like a goddess in the last picture. Too bad it’s a side profile. Which part of China is she from again?

    and awesome casts <3

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