Open Thread #3 – Let’s “Watch Meteor Shower Together”

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They had time to climb the great wall but not dub themselves

This is going to be another open post, for discussion about the drama as it airs this Saturaday at 10:00pm Beijing Time on Hunan TV.

For those of us without Hunan TV (or friends who do that we can convince to “watch meteor shower together” with) but want to watch the drama live, the only way is through legal and not-so-legal online streaming sites. Here’s a compilation of ways to watch Meteor Shower online.

But before that, cfensi wants to pimp Brickwall, who is doing Chinese Paladin 3 recaps. Cfensi: She also recently finished up some great Black and White recaps as well.

1. TVU
This is the fastest online streaming of Hunan TV I know of. Cfensi and I watched the New Year’s show on here. You can download the software for free here, and then simply search for Hunan TV in the bar.

2. Mango TV
Mango TV is fairly fast and one of the more HQ video-streaming softwares. In addition to live streaming, it also has videos of older episodes of Hunan shows. This also requires a software download here.

3. PP Stream
The most popular Chinese online viewing program. I find it a bit too slow for me during peak Chinese times, but this also has the biggest selection of on-demand dramas and movies. Download it here.

4. tvants
Worst video quality, but has the greatest variety of live TV channels. I watched the Olympics on this. You can download it here, but I would advise caution on this one since I can’t find the site I downloaded from and thus doesn’t know the safety of this link.

kitkatz23 would also like to add UUSee to that list of apps for watching live tv.

I’ve been using this program for the past year and the stream is always excellent. The quality is very good also, but the down side is that this app is in chinese.

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  1. oh snap. and it think that is jackie chan at 2:36. haha. i only noticed it after watching this the 4th time.

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