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I’m going to do an open thread, mainly for Supergirls2009 talk because well, it gets commented on every week in random posts after the show airs, and since this week was an elimination round I figure some people might want to vent or express relief.

You can also talk about anything else you find interesting – drama, music, movies.

Also I don’t know how much longer I shall run this site. Just a heads up on that.

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  1. wow…I can’t believe yu kewei almost got kicked off. It definitely should have been Tan Lina…and was it just me or did she seemed really pissed off.

  2. That’s because no one knows that she’s really old…everyone thinks she’s younger than him

    oh, I don’t mean to say that he’s a good-actor in that drama. In fact, I think he’s gotten better since then…not that I’ve seen him. I never finished any of his dramas, so I’m not the best judge of him.

    I looked it up. It’s called “都是天使惹的祸” and it does have Ren Quan in it.

  3. @ idarklight

    Oh my goodness, I vaguely remember watching some drama with Li Xiaolu where she’s like a nurse – did this same drama also have Ren Quan? LOL. Because I remember a drama like that.

    Well yeah, she does look younger. But, like, in the book it’s weird because everyone raises objections that he’s getting together with his teacher, because she is like his shifu, but nothing about their great age gap. It’s… odd.

  4. @idarklight

    Really? Remember the name? There are some obscure Chinese dramas that are so much better than the ones that get fame.

    You’re not as picky with acting though. There’s been some actors that you think are good, that I would only deem passable. Which is not a good thing on my part, because being so picky ruins many dramas for me.

    Tong Dawei looks cute here though, in the first pic:

    Almost like Zhang Lin. XD

    Liu Yifei definitely looks younger…I am so glad her voice was dubbed.

  5. I used to really dislike him, but the epitome moment came in this random, barely known drama Li Xiaolu starred in, where she was a nurse and he was her best friend. Something about the way he acted was very handsome.

    well, she looks younger than him…
    speaking of the pair, I’m really excited to see Liu Shishi as their daughter, especially since Liu Shishi looks so much like Liu Yifei.

  6. LOL @ the poor man’s Deng Chao. Yeah, his confidence, which some might consider it as part of his “shuai” aura, just comes off as annoying to me. I haven’t seen him in Hu Dei Fei Fei, but from Struggle, bits and pieces from Yu Guan Yin [mind you, that was a hell of a long time ago for me], I respect his acting but I don’t see his charisma as much as I see it in Sun Honglei.

    Yang Guo’s not that bad, but in the book it seriously throws me off that between Xiao Longnu and Yang Guo they have like an insane age difference. Gets me all the time. And yet it’s almost described as perfectly normal…

  7. I don’t like Tong Dawei either. He’s like the poor man’s Deng Chao. There’s a sort of confident, manly manner in his acting, but while I think Deng Chao is hot and charismatic when he does it, Tong Dawei seems a bit too smug and the faraway/crafty look his eyes give out is quite irritating…

    I liked him in Red Cliff 2, but it wasn’t a particularly hard role to play or like. He’s naive and friendly…that’s it.

  8. @A
    yeah, that’s what I meant. Personally, I’m not too fond of Yang Guo, neither. But Yang Kang should be souless, not disturbed. Though Yuan Hong and Liu Shishi are perfect together.

    I like him. He’s not very good-looking on air, but there’s something about him that makes him very attractive. I don’t know..have you seen Hu Die Fei Fei? I thought he was pretty good in it, even if the girl was terrible.

  9. @ idarklight

    Wait, what about Yang Guo? He’s supposed to be good – are you talking about Yang Kang, Yang Guo’s dad in Legend of Condor Heroes? LOL. I haven’t watched the one with Hu Ge in it because, well, I can’t stand Ariel Lin and I dislike the fact that she’s playing one of my favorite Jin Yong characters, Huang Rong.

    I watched Struggle on and off [LOL, I loved the parts with Xiang Nan and Xiao Yun], but yes, the make out thing was… erm. But also, I don’t understand the infatuation with Dong Dawei – I don’t think he’s that good-looking and he can act, true, but it’s not like the same infatuation for like Sun Honglei.

    And yeah, I think it’s the production company [that’s Tang Ren, right, I’m guessing, LOL] that’s behind all this tragedy crap. ARGH. My goodness.

  10. Yeah, but overall I think Tang Yan looks better with her forehead covered like in Pandamen.

    Just click on the vid julie…it will take you to the youtube vid.

  11. @darklight

    haha. what a coincidence. i also watched all of ” who controls my youth” and loved the drama. but I stopped watching the first episode of struggle for the same reason as you.

  12. @A.
    agrees with hair and Tang Yan…older Tan Yan looks so much prettier.

    I think it’s just Tang Ren (with the unhappy endings). I don’t recall a single Tang Ren drama that ended happy. Young Warriors of Yang Clan ended with almost all of them dying. CP1/3 are both fairly depressing; Don’t love me ended with death; Fairy in WOnderland ended with them being separated; they even somehow made LoCH depressing because they made Yang Guo good…. I wonder if they use the scriptwriter for all of their dramas?

    I love Wang Luodan’s character, too. The only part that annoyed me was when she was working as a housing sellswoman. She was so short-sighted…

    I never got past ep.1 of Struggle because of the completely random making out scene. But I really want to watch it simply because Wei Chen’s in the play version…

  13. LOL – yes, I think I’d be much happier if they just all died, LOL. As morbid as that sounds, because then they’d all just be together. Really? I thought her young Zi Xuan with the bangs look was bad for her – I liked her much better with the hair piled on top look.

    And I love Wang Luodan’s character in Who Controls My Youth so far. She is hilarious, LOL.

  14. *Sigh* China has got to stop with the unhappy endings. I mean, take a cue from the British fantasy stories where some die, but overall it’s happily ever after. Even in Chronicles of Narnia they all die in the end, but it’s happy because they’re in heaven.

    Tang Yan is pointy, which usually bothers me but she works it so well. Even without the bangs in CP3 she was so pretty. Maybe it was the pretty clothes though.

  15. I agree – Long Kui & Zi Xuan’s part I felt was a little compressed in CP 3. Most of the time it felt like, hey, sorry but here’s the gist of what happened, and that’s it. Meh. You know, I noticed from CP 3 that Tang Yan’s chin is really narrow/sharp. Especially with her hairstyle, which has the majority of her hair like showing on the top of her head, so it emphasizes her chin even more.

    But seriously – why the ending? [They seriously did not need to reveal in the end something like oh, hey, guess what? Jing Tian’s going to die because he sacrificed his life to save everyone else!] And it sucks for Chang Qing & Zi Xuan, who have gone through so much, to have an ending like that. I was equally annoyed at the ending for CP 1, where everyone dies minus Li Xiaoyao & the baby. Why must CP be destined for tragic-ish endings? LOL.

  16. @julie

    His name is Sun yang. Oh, these Fina Championships have gotten me back in Olympic mode again and I’m watching youtube vids like crazy. The Chinese divers and swimmers are just too good looking. Seriously…it’s odd. And the Chinese swimming team isn’t even that big…but the guys that do win stuff are hot.

    Have a video of He Chong. Lol, almost all the comments on the video are about his looks.

    And I’ll probably be updating far, far less. Maybe every two weeks? Every month?

    @A. Yeah, overall LYX was a better, more likeable character, but I still like that JT was ordinary.

    I really wish CP3 introduced Liu Shishi and Tang Yan earlier, because after all, they are main characters. I am not sure why the structured it the way they did.

  17. But see, there’s no process where he like actually learns anything – like somehow, most of the times, it’s like a miracle that things happen to him and he seems to get lucky a lot of the times – which is why I like Changqing better than Jingtian in CP 3 because when he gets things accomplished, it’s not only by getting lucky. I would like it better if Jingtian actually like processed through learning and everything… it just bothers me.

    CP 3 did have nice dialogue – and I think this is how it carried on the first few episodes because the storyline really did not move much at all. And when it finally started moving, I felt like I wished it hadn’t dwelled so long on the first few episodes so it would leave more time to process the other stuff that came whamming us in the face as the story went on.

  18. Woooh go sun ling
    Ahh… So basically ur gonna update less frequently right?
    Cmon bobo and Wang yuexin!!!! Release ur albums quicker LOL

  19. @julie I don’t know if idarklight is going to work on it more. I’m not closing the site…I might work on it when I have free time on the weekends, or when BOBO releases their album, lol. Definitely when Wang Yuexin finally releases his album. That day there will definitely be a celebration post. But at the rate he’s going, Faye Wong may release a comeback album before him. Which I’d be ok with.

    I thought CP1 dragged…CP3 had better dialogue. Everyone seemed to weigh equally in the story as well, which made it less burdensome to watch scenes with a particular secondary character. In CP1 I only wanted to watch when Hu Ge and Ady were on screen, but CP3 everyone was flawed, but fairly tolerable and interesting.

    I liked JT being ordinary as well. I thought it was annoying that LXY could pick up moves so easily without working at it.

    @A. She really does look like Li Xiaolu. I wonder who they’ll cast for Part 3? I really hope they cast some younger people.

    In other news, the really cute swimmer I pointed out in my post on Zhang Lin, Sun Yang won bronze at the World Championships and he’s only 17!

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