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I’m going to do an open thread, mainly for Supergirls2009 talk because well, it gets commented on every week in random posts after the show airs, and since this week was an elimination round I figure some people might want to vent or express relief.

You can also talk about anything else you find interesting – drama, music, movies.

Also I don’t know how much longer I shall run this site. Just a heads up on that.

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  1. @A.

    That’s not what I meant; the CGI looks cheesy as heck to gamers like me still, LOL. I meant that I liked the characters more, and the reason for that might have to do with not being acquainted with the characters and storyline from the game CP3 the way I was with CP1. Some of the changes they made to Linger and Xiaoyao’s personality annoyed me lots, so I was kinda biased against CP1. And I like JT because he’s more of an ordinary hero than LXY (though I like the game’s LXY better than both of them… *cough*bias*cough*). ^^;

  2. @ Nepheliad

    Well, also, CP 1 was created earlier than CP 3 so I mean, technology is a factor in making the CG look better in CP 3 than in CP 1. If based on that, then yeah, CP 3 is better. But I think in terms of storyline and everything else, to me, they’re both pretty even.

    Also, I love how the two are like connected. The baby ZX & CQ [or his former life] have is Linger’s mother, the Wuhou. And also, Li Xiaoyao’s appearance haha in CP 3. Oh my – love it when they make these connections.

  3. @ cfensi

    Hm, it’s difficult for me to pick between CP 1 & CP 3 because I liked both a lot… there are certain aspects of each that I liked. Like, first of all, a big annoyance factor for me in CP 3 was the fact that there was no point in which JT like really actually becomes “powerful” per say, unlike in CP 1 – I mean, I can understand the “ordinary hero” theme, but I liked the “ordinary hero who becomes powerful and becomes a worthy, true hero” route better that occurred in CP 1. However, I liked how CP 3 had pretty much two main characters, or at least the balance between JT and CQ was more even than it was in CP 1, where LXY is like THE main character and occassionally you’ll have the side-story of TY or AN. But I like both for the way the story is more or less a mystery and they find out intricacies in the past or whatever that are connected to them – this happens I think more in CP 3.

    I definitely like Who Controls My Youth better than Struggle, but Struggle wasn’t so bad – LOL, I love the dialogue, especially LXL’s character’s dialogue. LOL. However, okay, while watching Who Controls My Youth, I almost feel like they picked cast that looked somewhat similar to the cast of Struggle – the three girls, at least. I mean, the girl who plays Qingchu has a really similar look to Ma Yili’s Xialin with the hair and everything, Wang Luodan is herself, LOL, so no problem there, and the girl who plays Pili looks SO similar to Li Xiaolu – their characters dress similar too. Was this a coincidence? LOL.

  4. CP3 is better than CP1 by far. My first impressions based on the CGI work were off; I was surprised by how much better it was than CP1, though admittedly, it might also have something to do with the fact that I didn’t make it far in CP3, so the game didn’t affect my views of the show.

    If no longer working on the site helps you with your studies, I’m happy for you and your decision, and really grateful for what you’ve already done.

  5. @A. Maybe Pan Hongyue offended someone (or all the judges). She’s quite straightforward. I can’t think of any reason why they kicked off Li Yuanxi though. Maybe her Sichuan pride?

    Question: Which do you like better? CP1 or CP3? Fen Dou or Who controls my Youth?

    Usually sequels are bad, but I enjoyed CP3 and youth much more than CP1 and Fen Dou, both of which I could never finish. But I guess they’re not really sequels.

    Yeah…I’m not continuing. I’ve got one more newsroundup and we’ll do another open thread once Meteor Shower premieres though. I might continue with recaps at my leisure (aka once ever year…kidding I think). I felt An Xiang was worth more recaps…I would recap always smile if it had screencaps.

  6. i agree this site has been really informative so far and i absolutely love it. But I can understand since school is much more important :)

  7. Yeah, I’ve sort of just given up on Supergirls… like, seriously? Why would you eliminate Pan Hongyue? And I feel bad for Li Yuanxi because she is definitely better than Tan Lina or Pan Chen. My goodness.

    Meanwhile, I’ve finished CP 3 and am going through withdrawal on that. It’s actually really sad because I keep visiting HD Tudou [I love that site] and I scroll through the dramas that they “recommend” or whatever and CP 3 keeps showing up – it’s like pouring salt in a wound. *sigh* I really liked it, but the ending made me angry. WTF at the couples never ever getting to stay together – not even cute JT & XJ [except they don’t show that, they just “casually” mention it at the end]. Like what the hell?! And CQ & ZX – those two have gone through so much and this is the crap ending they get?!?!?!

    Anyway. I’ve now diverted my attention to watching Who Controls My Youth and I like it – it’s like watching Struggle all over again, LOL. I love love love the dialogue.

    And don’t discontinue the site!! I like it – allows me to rant about things too, LOL.

  8. I don’t know where people are getting the LJ move from. I’m just not going to update at all because fall semester is starting and I won’t have time.

    This was a hobby; I actually tried quitting a few times before when this dug into my schedule, but people said they couldn’t find mainland entertainment news so I sort of stuck with it, focusing on that + things I found interesting. But I now I really don’t have the time…

    idarklight might continue though…


    …I never though about that…poor Jiang Yingrong being stuck in that room all alone.

  9. @tracy
    the girls only records one song in the studio as a ringtone before the competition. That’s why often, the download is better or worse than the actual performance

    I feel like out of the 10 girls, Pan Hongyue had the most raw talent, and Li Yuanxi had the most Jane-like intelligence. They could’ve been great.

  10. Are you really thinking of not running the site anymore, or just moving?

    Judges sometimes really are on drugs, you know. Paula Abdul was during the last season of “American Idol.” At least she didn’t have more of a say in the winners than anyone else in the country. I need to catch up on “Supergirls.” I’ve subscribed to the YouTube channel and still feel clueless. It’d be much easier to just sit down and watch if it came on the TV. -_-“

  11. Argh. I can’t stand Pan Chen continuing on – she’s just so blah. Not even ugh – that would at least mean she’s interesting – just blah.

    “Also I don’t know how much longer I shall run this site. Just a heads up on that.”

    Mm, that’s very sad news, because the site is so great for actual analysis and opinion on Chinese entertainment rather than just the raw information of goings-on. What’s this about a move to LJ?

  12. Don’t move!!!!!!!!
    I’m so glad zyk is gone, but I kind of liked li yuanxi
    There are only two sane judges

  13. Also I don’t know how much longer I shall run this site. Just a heads up on that.

    WHAT. But your site is so nice and pretty and comprehensive! Unless you’re moving permanently to LJ?

  14. A thought just suddenly occured to me. You know how sometimes they determine the winner based on number of song downloads? The oontestants don’t always sing the same amount of songs. For example, this week Jiang YingRong only sang one song while Pan Chen sang three. Do they only put one song up for download?

  15. T_T Pan Hongyue, Li Yuanxi, even Zeng Yike…

    It’s like their whole room got eliminated….Jiang Yingrong’s the only one left.

    I dont understand how Tan Lina and Pan Chen could’ve overcame any of them. As controversial as she was, Zeng Yike was a lot more interesting than either Pan Chen or Tan Lina. I hope those two gets eliminated in the next two rounds.

    I also think it’s ironic how Huang Ying always wins against people with great vocals (ie. Jiang Yingrong, Li Yuanxi, Da Chun Zi), but loses against the people who are off-key (Tan Lina – 2 times, ZYK – 2/3 times).

    I’m also annoyed at all the judges. I missed BXB, I missed Shunzi, Ding Wei, people who actually gave good suggestions instead of spewing out “advice” that they probably came up with when half-drunk.

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