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I’m going to do an open thread, mainly for Supergirls2009 talk because well, it gets commented on every week in random posts after the show airs, and since this week was an elimination round I figure some people might want to vent or express relief.

You can also talk about anything else you find interesting – drama, music, movies.

Also I don’t know how much longer I shall run this site. Just a heads up on that.

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  1. @Raine
    Jiang Yingrong did sing ballads. She has an excellent voice. And if you look at her “dancing songs,” they almost always require a higher degree of vocals than Tan Lina, who sings basically only Jolin Tsai songs. “Fire” and “High Song” both require solid vocals to back them up.

    Jiang Yingrong singing 彩云追月 live (the sound is a bit off, but I definitely recommend it because it really shows off her voice):

    SInging 无底洞 on Super Girls:

    I think the problem with Tan Lina is that not only is she not an excellent singer, but her dancing is also only backup dancer material. It can’t stand on her own, and her spirit cannot be contagious like Jiang Yingrong’s can.

  2. ^ Seriously. I really don’t see all that much in Tan Lina. If anything, she should have PK’ed again with Pan Chen instead of Yu Kewei–but we’d know the result even before they PK.
    Sure, the girl can dance and whatnot, but in terms of singing, I fell like she never lets her fullest potential out when singing (maybe she just doesn’t have any to start with?). Same with Jiang Yirong. I wish those two would sing some ballads for a chance, just so I can really HEAR their voices.

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