Alec Su for “Harper’s Bazaar Men’s Style”


I’m starting to really love Harpaar’s Bazaar Men’s Style…while it has a way to go before it matches the photoshoots of its original counterpart for the ladies, it’s slowly getting better. This time Alec Su gets featured. I’m still wary of watching his Princess of Returning Pearl but Alec Su’s recent, darker endeavors are much more interesting. From his role as a crazy narcissistic, and verbose actor in Call for Love 2 to the  glimpse we got to see of his panicked fear at torture in the upcoming The Message, his acting is getting to show its range off, beyond his Qiong Yao heroes of the past. This photoshoot shows that darker Alec Su off well. His Huang Zhu Ge Ge alumnus, Fan Bingbing also recently had a photoshoot for Marie Claire, but I’m getting sick of seeing her face, so I’ll just link to it here. Go below the cut for more Alec.











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  1. Here’s a new piece about the Mermaid movie (EMPIRES OF THE DEEP).

    My Chinese is limited mostly to computer translation, but evidently they are announcing Liu Yuqi as a new cast member, along with more production news. Perhaps you can translate?

    The IMDb page has now removed Pitof, but not replaced the director position. The older cast listing has not been updated, and the official web site is still dead.

  2. Because there’s a negative connotation in that statement?

    I like her drive and her ability to control her own career, but it’s also annoying that she’s hogging both roles and magazine covers. This is her third or fourth cover in a period of two month. I want to see other people. I can’t wait until the new crop of Chinese actresses get to movie-level status.

    Thanks for the note…I was going to put Zhao Wei’s recent photoshoot in a link as well, hence alumni, but I forgot the link w/ the pictures. Aish, I forgot to correct Harper’s Bazaar too. Oh…and I was going to link to your recaps next week during the Meteor Shower open thread. Is that ok?

  3. I’ve been hoping there would be some official announcement, or the web site would relaunch, so I have not said much publicly about what I’ve heard. There were some murmurings of filming starting in August, so we’ll see if any news surfaces (pun intended).

  4. That doesn’t sound good…you’re right. I looked up recent articles about it and the only one named was Shi Yanfei, who sort of resembles of Karen Mok and is rather young -86er.

    She does the laying by the beach shots well though:

    The movie doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere despite all the money seemingly attached to it, but it’s still listed on Alec Su’s baike.

  5. The official site has been down for some time. For a while it turned into a site for a Beijing security company (!!). Now it’s just down, as is the site for the production company. I did send an email to somebody connected with the web site, and got a reply that the film was 2/3 finished. That may mean some of the CGI stuff, but they have not added any cast members, or started filming with live actors, and according to my source (a reliable one) Pitof (the director) has left the project. When the site WAS up, the only cast member listed was their female lead, Liang Yanfei. So…. who knows?

  6. cfensi, excellent taste! This is a yummy collection, the latest in a string of intriguing recent photo shoots Alec’s been doing for various publications. Here’s a link with some other examples:

    I claim no modicum of objectivity regarding Alec Su, but I will say that his career shift in 2008 towards making films has given him some well-deserved (and long-sought-after) acting opportunities, beyond those early period TV series that established him as an actor. He has now completed five (!) movies scheduled for upcoming release—including THE MESSAGE: from romantic comedies to bio-drama to espionage thrillers. (The only down-side is that fans are still waiting for a long-promised new CD….)


  7. Hm, okay, I used to like this guy a lot. But now, not sure how or why, that has sort of dimmed away. Maybe it’s because I haven’t really watched what he has done recently and his Princess of Returning Pearl et other ancient-costume/wuxia stuff have pretty much formed my image of him.

    LOL, this photoshoot is very interesting. Not sure what is going on, though, with the stepping on a piece of red fuzz? LOL. And I want that “OMG OH MY GOD” t-shirt. LOL. Oh, and the turtleneck, too. Not sure what to make out of that either.

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