Most dramatic series of the year goes to…

..Super Girls?

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Pan Hongyue may seem pompous, but she has our respect for not hiding her disgust at the judges after the 15to10 competition.

Meteor Shower seems to have already lost the dramatic category before it even started. Super Girls’ scriptwriters are probably way better. What other drama has the music, the dancing, the pretty girls, the tears, the triumphs, the unsung heroes, the evil henchmen, and of course, the righteous Judge Bao (somebody on baidu tried to link his heritage to Judge Bao Qingtian) like Super Girls?

Friday’s Super Girls’s defining moment was Bao Xiaobo’s comments after Li Xiaoyun played the guitar for her song:

Li Xiaoyun, you know, on this stage, playing the guitar on this stage is very dangerous. But I want to thank you for reminding me of someone. Her name is Wang Zhixin, and she once sung a song called Match Heaven. I once said her music striked straight into the heart. I want to thank her and thank you.

I cried the moment he mentioned Wang Zhixin. But wow, if last week’s comment about “protective forces” wasn’t direct enough, this week’s comment about the guitar is way too obvious. (He’s hinting at the fact that Wang Zhixin got kicked out so she wouldn’t compete with Zeng Yike as the guitars).

The person who took the heat of the blame for making anyone but Zeng Yike playing the guitar being in danger is the outspoken Gao Xiaosong, who we first became familiar with after he told HIT-5 their song was “outdated” and that “mainland music wasn’t pure because they don’t have enough coastal lines.” It turns out that MT-muzik, the songwriters behind HIT-5’s “Say U love me again” and “I want you to know” actually wrote a song in response to him, titled “Hello, Gao Xiaosong.” It’s well-written, if unpolished.

Nihao Gao Xiaosong – MT muzik (translations of selected parts below the cut)

You say that mainland music is mundane and bland
I think you forgot what gave you all your food and land
The mention of Taiwan makes you as excited as if you were on steroids
Give you a piece of bone and you’ll chew like you were nothing more than a mutt.
If you forgot you age, you should look at the calendar
You’re not even as cool as Guo Ziyu who came much later

Stop obnoxiously misdirecting talent
YO the current mainland music is going to make you ashamed

Want to kill my music? It ain’t that easy.
Want to challenged mainland music? First crawl over and get my approval.
Don’t hold your nose high just because you’ve been on a few skits
To say my music is outdated you must have some guts
Don’t use music as an excuse, Mr.Lonely
Hurry and take your music and go back to your family.

You say we’ve been affected by your music since we were young
you’re right, maybe if we didn’t listen to them we would’ve been even better
I didn’t complain, didn’t comment on your mom or your grandmother
but here you are, shameless trashing China’s musicians.

As newcomers we really should need our seniors to give us suggestions
but you can’t say our music is outdated without evidence
with your level, don’t go around the public making a scene
beware people behind you will see your flaws

final thoughts on this week’s Super Girls :
Elle China needs a better photographer, and a even better stylist. Or even better, how about a new editor-in-chief who doesn’t seem to hate the Super Girls minus one? Huang Ying should’ve beat Tan Lina. Props to Yu Kewei and the band for turning this into this. She should’ve won this round and Jiang Yingrong the last one:

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