“Lian Ai Ba” Begins Production


L-R Director, Chen Kun, Yuan Quan, Debbie Goh, and Lu Yi

Remember when I said Chen Kun and Yuan Quan were going to star in something? Well, production commenced, and the other two cast members are Lu Yi and Debbie Goh! That’s quite a cast, and those first three names are all so good at singing that I’m crying that this isn’t a musical.  But that’s okay, because it’s a romantic comedy, which isn’t a genre I’m adverse to. “Liang Ai Ba” (Dating) is based off a hugely popular novel about a love triangle between a divorced woman, her ex-husband and his best friend. Go below for synopsis and some pictures from filming.

Chen Kun and Yuan Quan played the divorced couple – Chen Kun’s character has a girlfriend (Debbie Goh) but he’s still very caring towards his ex-wife and tries match-making his best friend, played by Lu Yi, with her. Lu Yi plays a very humble, stead-fast character who when he finally realizes that he likes Yuan Quan’s character, also realizes that his best friend is still in love with her as well.


The divorced couple: Chen Kun and Yuan Quan


When did Lu Yi get a tattoo?

This casting brings back a wave of nostalgia because Chen Kun and Lu Yi were the two guys I first noticed in C-entertainment and it’s been such a long time since I saw them in something together – the last was the show that shot them to stardom, Xiang Wu Xiang Yu You Xiang Feng, which aired in 2000, and was a massive hit in China. Yuan Quan’s can also be considered an A-list actor in China , although she’s more picky towards her roles and has dabbled more in theatre in music. Her last big role was Jane Eyre on stage – click here to watch a clip of her in it. With those three, the production has the alumni of all three top Chinese acting schools: Yuan Quan (Central Academy of Drama), Chen Kun (Beijing Film Academy) and Lu Yi (Shanghai Theatre Academy).

I’m not too familiar with Debbie Goh – she’s a Maylasian who has mostly done Hong Kong movies, but it seems she’s been working hard in her career, so I’m looking forward to see what she has to bring next to this cast.

The one person I’m a little hesitant on is the director, Li Gongyue (I don’t know the Cantonese romanization) – he’s new. The last time something like this occurred, where three big names hooked up with a newbie HK director, it was called Painted Skin. Which wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t terribly good either, and the biggest draw was definitely the pretty, famous faces that it got together. Which seems the route this movie will take, but still, looking forward to it. How could I not?


Not so suave Chen Kun


More suave Chen Kun


Somber Lu Yi + Yuan Quan

Obligatory awww….I think she’s playing their daughter.



8 thoughts on ““Lian Ai Ba” Begins Production

  1. wow….two gorgeous actors Chen Kun and Lu Yi in one film!
    But DEBBIE Goh? I’m thankful it’s not Debbie Gong Li.

  2. YEAH!! another movie with Chen Kun, just can’t get enough of this hottie!! he does look funky on the forth picture.

  3. is it just me, or does it seem like there is no resemblance between chen kun, his wife & their daughter

  4. Sun Honglei was great in XWXYYXF …he’s always great.I consider that show one of the turning points/ representative of Chinese dramas of its kind and it brought out a new generation of top actors, Chen Kun, Lu Yi, Zhou Xun and Sun Honglei.

    But this isn’t a drama, it’s a film. Not sure about the other two, but I think Chen Kun is so A-list that he doesn’t do dramas anymore unless they’re really big-budgeted ones, like Remembrance of Dreams past. And I guess modern dramas don’t cost as much as ancient/period.

    I can’t wait until China starts massive output in the film department. Then there will be more room in the dramas for new actors.

  5. ROFL @ the not-so-suave Chen Kun. Oh my. LOL.

    Ah, I remember XWXYYXF [mouthful]. Brings up memories – but I watched it SO long ago I hardly remember what it was about. Except something about Lu Yi being a doctor a girl nurse, something about fixing clocks… wait was Sun Honglei in it too? I think that was when my mom began obsessing over Sun Honglei.

    This looks interesting & I’ll probably watch it, LOL. But my latest endeavor: to finish CP 3 before summer ends for me in like 4 weeks. Gargh. Back to school for me – but at least it’s college! :]

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