Kimi Qiao Renliang and Tang Yan Film Commercial Together


Tang Yan and Kimi Qiao Renliang are both part of  Chengtian (Orange Sky) Entertainment’s younger group of stars, and they recently went to Hong Kong to film a commercial together for Yahoo! 3reedom USB modem. Both are fierce onscreen/onstage and adorable behind the scenes. So much love for them both. Go below for more pictures and the behind the scenes clip of them filming. And some pictures of Tang Yan in Pandaman, because she looks utterly gorgeous there.

Behind the Scenes Clip, which I find a lot more interesting than the actual commercial. It also feature’s Kimi’s new song that I’m kinda eh towards, but it’s for a USB commercial so…








While Chengtian entertainment is not quite Hua Yi in size, they’re still  huge and work similarly, cultivating artists one step at a time instead of giving them stardom overnight. They haven’t thrown Qiao Renliang into an idol drama vehicle, but rather given him bit parts, like the moody, nerdy supermarket clerk in and the character role of a bandit in The New Twig of Plum (it’s a period piece). In both he ditches his pretty boy image, but still brings in the teen crowd that Chengtian wants.

Meanwhile, fresh out of the Central Academy of Drama, Tang Yan is getting heavier supporting roles that will make her the next big thing. She gave a great nuanced performance  in Chinese Paladin 3,which boosted her popularity a lot in mainland China. Next she’ll make herself known in Hong Kong with Stormriders 2, and then she’ll be in Taiwan with Pandamen.

To make up for the lack of Tang Yan above, her she is  in Pandamen. So, so pretty!



10 thoughts on “Kimi Qiao Renliang and Tang Yan Film Commercial Together

  1. Can anyone tell me when Tang Yan makes her first appearance in Pandamen? I haven’t started it but might, hoping I won’t have to go through many episodes without her like I did in Chinese Paladin 3.

  2. In Chinese Paladin 3, I loved it when Tang Yan said all those “lovey” words with Chang Qin unconscience and Shen Gu in the room. I usually don’t like romance that much, but Tang Yan totally changed it. I always turn the volume up to even higher when Tang Yan screams out “bu!” (as in “No!”

  3. I understand. I thought “Pandamen” was Chinglish at first, since Chinese doesn’t have plural so a lot of translations into English come out odd in this respect.

    The mullet, though, I can’t understand. I haven’t seen many girls with mullets before, if any at all. I hope it doesn’t catch on, LOL!

  4. Yes, her hair is basically a mullet. Heh.

    Thanks for the correction. I stopped to think about it, but gave up and just went with Pandaman.

  5. Tang Yan looks pretty in the pictures, but what’s up with her hair in that commercial? And I can’t believe I missed “Pandamen” pictures!

    P.S.: It should be “Pandamen.” I know the Chinese title indicates nothing of this, but the teaser poster says “Pandamen.” This is because Yuhao and Dan Tou are both playing superheroes, so there is more than one “Pandaman.”

  6. Really? I don’t think my computer can burn video games but it can burn discs? Not sure. But, then again, not sure if my copy of CP 3 is “legit” to begin with. Though, at the same place, I got a ripped/burned version of FF8 computer version and it works for me.

    Iono, it’ll like open for me, but like the character-encoding and stuff is all messed up. Whatever. LOL.

    Yeah, just got to ep. 7 and stuff is finally beginning to happen.. finally! LOL.

  7. @A. I skipped the first eight episodes to get to her (and Liu Shishi). I actually didn’t mind he beginning – it’s sort of slow plotwise but the dialogue makes up for it. However I really don’t have time to watch it all these series and work on this site, so I plunged ahead. Her acting was impressive. She played different sides of a character well, and she seems nothing like any of them in real life.

    That being said, watching the dramas that I was supposed to be recapping has gotten me sort of back into drama watching.

    Does your computer have burning software that allows you to burn video games? Some legit games won’t play on a computer that has that.

  8. I’m watchin Chinese Paladin 3 and I’m on episode 5 and she’s still not appeared yet!! Still – looking forward to her appearance. Watching CP 3 makes me wanna rewatch CP 1 for like the third time, LOL. So annoyed that I bought the game CP 3 and it doesn’t work on my computer!! SDLKJFWER.

    God I love HD Tudou for putting Chinese Paladin 3 on there. I love the high quality of it.

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