Super Girls, Elle photoshoot, and the first battle.

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This week’s Super  Girls news include the release of their MV, free MP3 downloads of the girl’s songs, some studio recorded and other live,  and the first of their weekly Elle photoshoot.

The competition:

Forget about the happy, the female and the voice. This is war, and judge Bao Xiaobo is one against many.

After walking out last time because he disapproved of Zeng Yike’s admittance into the top 20, Bao Xiaobo returns, vowing to help the other 9 girls left . He begins the contest by saying that he wants “voices with confidence, voices that doesn’t waiver, and voices that aren’t off key.” Yikes for Yike.

Zeng Yike was the first up, and sung her version of Soda Green’s Little Love song. After a long accolade from judge Gao Xiaosong, who I’m sure we all love by now, Bao Xiaobo attacks her again, this time with a double-meaning metaphor and two pictures to go with it.


The first picture is of Zeng Yike, a small flat without any foundation. The second picture is Zeng Yike’s house surrounded by the strong towers of the other girls. The only reason why she’s still standing is because the other girls surrounding her protected her from the wind. But when those towers are gone, her weakness is obvious.

Of course, the alternative meaning that most viewers understood it as was that Zeng Yike has powerful forces protecting her, and those forces are definitely more powerful than just the other girls.

elle panchen

Pan Chen is last in performance, but definitely top 3 in this photoshoot.

First round held little surprises in terms of performance. Yu Kewei’s score was overly high (91), even though her second song was much better. Folk girl Huang Ying learned that RnB does not match her voice with 58 out 100 points, and elegant Pan Chen realized that she can’t pull off punk at all (33/100). Pan Hongyue had the best performance of the first round, with a powerful and eye-catching performance of “Love is doubt.”

elle jiangyingrong

Jiang Yingrong shows that boyish attitudes can be feminine sexy, especially when you have the talent to match it.

The top 4, Yu Kewei, Liu Xijun, Li Xiaoyun and Jiang Yingrong ,then competed to be the weekly winner and album cover of their digital album, which you can download here. The voting block this time are the recording companies, along with 7 internet/cellphone company representatives who had to repeat “I represent the users of XX, and according to their votes, I’m voting for Liu Xijun,” three times each. With the help of those people, Liu Xijunwent on to beat Jiang Yingrong and Li Xiaoyun, who both had obviously better performances. Luckily, the record labels seemed to realize how much hate their favorite girl would get for winning, and almost all voted for Yu Kewei in an attempt to overcome the seven newcomers.
Jiang Yingrong’s Buttons:

elle tanlinaelle huangying

Sexy and mixed Tan Lina versus cute and crystal voiced Huang Ying, who would you pick?

The third round allowed those in the positions of 8-10 to challenge someone from 5-7. First up is Tan Lina, who chose Huang Ying. Neither did that well, but Tan Lina won, making her 7th and Huang Ying 9th. Li Yuanxi was braver. She knew that going against Pan Hongyue was pointless, and even though she would lose against Zeng Yike, at least she’ll be a martyr for it. Three of the judges voted for Zeng Yike, and Bao Xiaobo gave the harshest criticism of the day, telling Zeng Yike that “at such a late hour, many people who heard you singing would not be able to fall asleep tonight.” Pan Chen actually put up a pretty good fight in the final PK of the day, but even her best was no match for Pan Hongyue.

This week’s placements, in order from first to last, are: Yu Kewei, Liu Xijun, Jiang Yingrong, Li Xiaoyun, Pan Hongyue, Zeng Yike, Tan Lina, Li Yuanxi, Huang Ying and Pan Chen. No one will be eliminated until the third weeks. And now, the “awww” story of the month:

From Porcelain Doll to Boyish looks – Li Xiaoyun’s story

lixiaoyun singing

Why Xiaoyun dresses like a boy
When she was 8, Li Xiaoyun’s mother left her to go to Australia. A year later, she found the former “porcelain doll” Xiaoyun dressed like a boy, with a boyish cut and a sports cap. When her mother angrily asked her why, the 9-yer-old Xiaoyun timidly said, “because after mother left, no one could protect me, so I dressed myself like a boy, so the boys won’t be mean to me.”

Most touching event
During the 1998 flood, mother would give Xiaoyun 10 yuan every week to buy breakfast. After Xiaoyun saw the homeless children stuck in a tree, waiting to be rescued, she donated her money to the flood and went hungry during breakfast for a week. This happens often. Whenever Xiaoyun see people asking for money, she would give them her change without hesitance. Mother told her: “child, there are too many people like them, you can’t help them.” But the little Xiaoyun would tell her, “mother, look at them. If I see one of them, then I must help them.”

Hardest times
The hardest time for Xiaoyun was the Australian Chinese singing competition. Other than singing, she was also applying for college and endurng the pains of her father’s sickness. Although she cried her eyes out, she must also study and prepare for the competition. Her hardwork was repayed. Not only did she win first place in Melbourne and second overall, she was also accepted to the prestigious Melbourne University. After all this, Xiaoyun took a year off to return to China to take care of her sick father until he died.


Li Xiaoyun – Lying:

Ending remarks:
I feel that Bao Xiaobo is a bit too harsh on Zeng Yike, but it sort of balances out the other judges’ obvious biase for her. The judging panel is still quite annoying, especially because the judges can only give either a 3 or a 0, with no in between. What ends up is that the person who no one dislikes will get a higher score than someone who many love and some dislike. I hope China never goes into the business of averageness. I would also love to see how Li Xiaoyun looks with long, curly hair (her hair’s naturally curled). If her mom is any indicator of how she’ll look with long hair, then she’s probably one of the prettiest ones of the group.

72 thoughts on “Super Girls, Elle photoshoot, and the first battle.

  1. I am also like lixiao yin and Huang ying…. by the way do you know the contact address of lixiao yun and huang ying… if you know, please tell me. thanks.

  2. It’s okay for you to say Bao Xiaobo is retarded and not for us to say that Zeng Yike shouldn’t be in the top 10?

    We talk about it because we care. I want Super Girls to succeed. I want eeMedia/Hunan to do well. I want the most deserving candidate to win.

    no, I didn’t go up on the stage. Because I know I can’t sing. If you have the guts to go out there and try to convince the world you have a good voice, you have to be ready for the world to judge your voice.

    If no one talked about them, then they would be a flop and die…

    Bao Xiaobo’s comments may be harsh to Zeng Yike, but those who support Zeng Yike have been harsher to the other girls who deserved the spotlight more than she.

  3. ok im gettin tired.. i mean 4 real u guys hav no right n i mean no right 2 talk anythin bout any of them cuz u guys n didnt have the guts 32 go up 2 a stage like that and perform do you?> they all made it this far using their own strong abilities…they tried hard and you can pick which one you like n which ones you dont like~just dont talk bout them.. no one even has the right 2 talk bout them..if they sing bad they sing bad if they sing good then go on!!!and bao xiaobo he is just so retarded.. thinks he knos everthing..saying he would help everyone else other then zhenyike…hes just so childish

  4. LXJ didnt do so well this week. But JYR did awesome (esp the dancing)
    muaahhahahahhahaha ZYK is in last place

  5. Forgot to add that Cfensi, the pop coverage also draws indie/alt/non-mainstream fans like me who didn’t even know much about Chinese media to begin with. It’s a good gateway, and I really appreciate your well-ranged coverage!

  6. Wow, I’m kinda tired of hearing all this fuss over a hypothetical girl band. IMO, if it happens to fit like it did with TC, then sure, but if not, I hope they don’t force it. TC worked because the guys in it all lacked a certain something to go solo. I really, really hope they don’t make a girl band out of set stereotypical roles.

    Fact: The world needs more Faye Wong-types. We have some, but not enough, and too many would-be’s lie unnoticed.

  7. @julie
    Liu Xijun has a pretty good voice and enough performance abilities. She should do fine with any song.

    also, notice how I said personality-wise. Voice-wise, I would love it if Wang Zhixin and Huang Ying could go solo.

  8. @idarklight:
    LXJ is going to get lots of attention of course, but I’m afraid her songs might not be so good.
    Li Yuanxi is total girlband material. (Reminds me of Jolin)

    I can’t imagine Yu Haoming in TC, but I can imagine him in a group. Is it just me or does he seem to perform better/more confident while in a group? (Hanyu Qiao)

    Huang Ying failed at RnB not pop. (Not that it’s a big difference). I think the judges like her old style, and that’s what brought her into the top 10. (I like the trad songs, but she needs to have more variety)

  9. rnb + her voice doesn’t mix, but that doesn’t mean she fails at pop. If she drops her “huang Ying” style, she can sing normal pop, it just loses the uniqueness of it. I think she would’ve sounded great with “cai yun zhui yue” if she did it all her way, without the rnb-ness of it.

    Tan Lina has like no fabs….
    She’s going for the sexy route, but both Jiang Yingrong and Li Yuanxi does sexy better than her. The only thing she’s been better at is photoshoots.
    I feel like there’s definitely a reason why Pan Chen and her are rooming together…so they can leave together and the other girls can be better friends.

  10. @darklight

    didnt huang ying fail at pop singing? i think she should stick with the traditionall music she always sings. and tan lina, i think she can be okay being solo, shes a quarter indian right?, so she might have enough fans going after her for her unique look. and shes in top 10.

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