Hunan TV takes up foreign diplomacy


If only the distribution of Hunan TV's viewers was like this.

After taking over entertainment from CCTV, Hunan TV seems to also be gaining increasing responsibility in foreign affairs in the TV world as it hosts everything from the CCP-KMT party forum to Chinese competitions for foreigners.

First up is the more entertaining competition. Chinese Bridge is a collaboration with the Chinese national Hanban committee. The preliminaries are hosted in various countries around the world, with the top winners going on Hunan TV for the finals, where they’ll make many Chinese ashamed at their lack knowledge of their own culture. Present at the opening ceremony of Chinese Bridge are , of course, the five boys who bridged cpop and  kpop and the four boys who hopefully will do even more for bridging Chinese entertainment and the rest of the world.

H4 without Xun:

Next up is the less fun but more important CCP-KMT forum concert. Other than the fact that the CCP would host this in Hunan and not on CCTV, most people probably care more about the fact that this concert signifies the return of both Vicki Zhao Wei and Jane Zhang to Hunan TV. Vicki Zhao sings the theme of her and Hunan’s classic “Princess of Returning Pearl,” while Jane sings a Hunan folksong and a duet with the president of the KMT.

Wu Boxiong sings a lot better than former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

Is anyone else confused with how Wang Han suddenly popped out? Anyways, Super Girls were also present at both concerts, with knock outs Tao Le, Cheng Chen and Liu Meihan at the former and the top ten at the latter, along with Aska Yang and Evan Yo. Hobielover, you should really join Chinese Bridge.

8 thoughts on “Hunan TV takes up foreign diplomacy

  1. @megan
    H4&Xun is Guo JIngming’s nickname for the five of them. I don’t think they’re actually called H4.

  2. H4? I thought they said it wouldn’t be based on Hana Yori Dango (where the boys are called the “F4”).

  3. @fancitalk
    yes. Han Yu Qiao, where Chinese means the language.

    I think that’s fanmade.

    awww…there was a huge picture of Michael Jackson in the back when she was making fun of him.

  4. wordpress is so weird sometimes. i cant see the comment i made before this. But according to what happen to last time, I’m sure it will appear some time.

  5. Yesterday night I tuned in Hunan Tv and saw contestants from Germany and France. They were so cute (as in when they speak Chinese). Anyways, I was wondering to myself how come I never knew about this, and bam! you updated me with this Chinese Bridge contest :). Ah, Chinese culture<3 They know their Chinese culture better than most of the ABCs.

    Btw, Yico's mv "Leo" features 桂纶镁(Gui Lunmei).

    Her song destroyed the beauty of the mv. It would be better if Cheer Chen was the singer.

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