EE Media goes on MV rage


no, you did not accidentally venture into a forbidden website. This was too awstrucking to not put up.

Along with H4&Xun, Xu Fei also went to Changsha to advertise for Meteor Shower, including the fanmeeting and  Happy Camp. She sings the ending theme song, which will be her upcoming EP. Watch it here. Also recently released are Zhang Jie’s MV for “Overheard” , Yu Haoming and Zheng Shuang’s Meteor Shower/Qing Hua Tong Fang iMini MV, and part of the Super Girls 2009 MV. The first has a good song and a good MV; the second has a cute MV, a sweet song, but unfit voices;  the third had everything except someone who could mix the girl’s voices together.

Zhang Jie’s theme for Overheard

6 thoughts on “EE Media goes on MV rage

  1. yay im back
    i was shocked at the wei chen pic too!!!

    china was really fun…i went on huang shan and my legs ache
    shanghai and chongqing are awesome!!! (i only stopped in chengdu’s airport =( )
    its really hot there too

  2. Zhang Jie’s voice resembles Dave Wang’s. They both have the melodramatic feel in their voices and the way they sing sounds almost similar.

  3. Great post (Y)
    Zhang Jie’s song is beautiful. I must get it…
    And the stream of Meteor Shower themes and insert songs are just making me anticipate the drama even more. I cannot wait. Be sure to inform us where to watch it once it comes out ;p The end song is nice too, but the theme song by H4 still is my number one.
    Yu Haoming’s hair is still pretty funny to me. It will take a few episodes to get use to it.

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