Singing Competitions Boosts Singer Huang Ling’s Popularity


New singer Isabelle Huang Ling has gotten a steady stream of free publicity through competitions after her debut. On season four of Taiwan’s One Million Star her song Itch (Yang) was sung by Connie Kan, 3rd runner up season, and then in Supergirls 2009 one of the front-runners Yu Kewei, sang Itch as well.  Each time, people began looking for the original singer of the song, and were surprised at the quality of her debut album, whose songs were very unique, Chinese-styled, and different from the usual pop songs.

One of the interesting songs on her album: Red Weeping Eyes

One of her tracks was also used in the Sims 2 Game: Ahiba (Which is named Hit It in the game?)

And of course, her much admired single, Itch.


Despite the fact that she debuted in 2007, she had joined her company three years prior, and during those three years before debut she worked on her singing and learned guitar-playing, a skill which she now uses for performances but also for endorsing Gibson guitars. Currently she’s not bad off in the endorsements area; she got to go to Malaysia to film the Mirinda soft drink commercial with BOBO, which will soon be broadcasted nationwide. Also since Huang Ling is a Shanghaier, and is affiliated somehow with Shanghai Media Group, she’s also about to guest star in their sitcom, Nonstop. And next in line is her  second album, for which she has recorded already five songs. When it comes out she should have more fans this time around.


Also, something interesting…I believe her company is Universal? Probably under SMG?

7 thoughts on “Singing Competitions Boosts Singer Huang Ling’s Popularity

  1. Isabelle just released her 2nd Album <> in Taiwan, date to release the Album in Mainland China has yet been announced, she also performed at a Buddism Musical back in May, which she sung 2 classical Chinese songs <> and <> beautifully; you can visit her blog at , to her fans’ delight she updates frequently her blog with her latest pictures and video; but the blog is only in Chinese though

  2. I’m a Caucasian girl in love with everything Chinese and think Isabelle is an amazing and extremely underrated singer. I absolutely love her songs Itch and Red Weeping Eyes.

  3. the song style and tune as well as her voice reminds me of kanon wakeshima’s suna no oshiro song. at least the beginning of it… the chorus not really.

  4. @mrpeng

    I think the Ahiba thing is in Simlish – “a fictional language featured in Maxis’ Sim series of games” (quoted from Wikipedia).

  5. shes really good. her songs are unique and her music style is different from other singers.

    btw what language is she singing in (Ahiba, hit it)

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