News Roundup 7/2/09 – 7/11/09

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Chen Kun and Yuan Quan sponsor a jewelry brand in style at an event, with Yuan Quan in white riding a horse, and Chen Kun giving her a ring, like a modern day prince and princess, except that pretending to  marry was really awkward for them. Normally I wouldn’t care, but it’s two actors that I like, both of which whom actually have really nice singing voices and I’ve long wished they would collaborate in something like a musical. They will be working together, but instead will be in a HK film.



Pakho Chau - Follow

Lots of women releasing albums this time, and with many representing a first for these ladies. alan‘s Mandarin debut album under avex, Orient of the Heart, Ariel Lin‘s first album, Blissful Encounter, Bibi Zhou‘s first album under Golden Typhoon, Time,  Linfair’s Christine Fan Weiqi ‘s F ONE, her ninth album , Valen Hsu‘s My Love Journey 1Km and finally Janice Wei released an English album Morning.

Representing both the guys side, and cantopop, was HK’s underrated singer-songwriter Pakho Chau, who released a “Best-Of” album, Follow, that had four brand new tracks, including the hit Lovin You that shows off his voice. He did some arranging on this album as well. Dear Jane also released a Cantorock album, XOXO.

Huang Yali‘s second and prettier MV came out. Poor Yali isn’t doing very well in Taiwan, partly I think due to the lack of exceptional songs in her album. Who knew that eeMedia could produce better albums than Linfair? But congrats to Bibi Zhou for kicking the curse where mainland artist don’t do well in Taiwan – she got second on G-Billboard’s weekly chart, even though her album didn’t show off her voice.


Wei Chen + H.Born + Some Girl

On July 4th Wei Chen had a fan meet, to the delight of those who missed his voice because he had been stuck for the past few months filming some dumb drama. The H.Born boys, who are sponsored by My Startown, a Chinese UFO-like site that also sponsored the event, helped with mcing the fanmeet and played games with the fans as well.

CRIEnglish had an interesting article about the way rock influences fashion in China, particularly in Beijing, both the capital of the country, and the rock capital. It gives shoutouts to some of the more well known rock bands in China, and music festivals like the Electronic Music Festival that was held earlier this year and attracted more than 10,000.


^Visual Rep of their new song’s title

Boy and Girl Group released a single, Nan Zou Nv You from their new CD that’s to hit in August. Their last single, the Christmas Meng Huan Qi Yuan, was strangely addicting, and I was hoping for something similar this time. It’s not quite, but like Meng Huan Qi Yuan, Qi Wei is penning the lyrics. She’s getting special tutoring on lyric writing from Vincent Fang.

Also, apparently all my wishes for a boyband/girlband in China to release something quickly is being twisted in a sick sick way. “Idol Girls” 9-member girlgroup released a single. They are excepted to “debut” in August, revealing how they look then.

Cotton Candy won season 2 of Jie Jie Gao Sheng aka Mix-box. Congratulations to them!

Nepheliad subbed Top Combine‘s Behind the Story appearance. Watch it at youtube here. Warning: it’s sad.



Ruby Lin in Three Kingdoms

Three Kindgoms has finally finished its production, and is expected to air in August. They released a whopping new 138 stills from the production, mostly of battle scenes. But Ruby Lin looks good.

A new Water Margin (Outlaws of the Marsh) TV series has started production. Now officially all of the Four Great Chinese Classics are in production. Good thing is, one of the scriptwriters is Ning Caishen, the guy behind My Own Swordsman, so at least the dialogue should be witty and funny. It will cost around 1 million yuan per episode.

The first trailer for BOBO Jing Boran, Yang Zi and Eva Huang Shengyi’s A Tribute to Stephen Chow came out. Yang Zi is prettier, the drama seems fun, but the over-use of regional dialects and humor probably own’t appeal to most non-Chinese.



Deng Chao Promo Pic for Di Ren Jie

Deng Chao for Di Ren Jie (one of the four big Hua Yi productions) is getting a lot of attention for his character’s mysteriousness, unlike the known historical figures played by Andy Lau (Di Renjie), Carina Lau (Wu Zetian) and Li Bingbing. He plays an albino with a genius for cracking cases but few other details of his character have been released.  For this role, special attention was given to his looks. I’ll be so sad once he stops filming and ditches the blond hair.

For everyone who hated the old teaser posters of Sophie’s Revenge, here’s a new one!   *link fixed* The colors are nicer, but I think the first teaser was more interesting.

Cong Haonan‘s theme song for Tracing Shadow is released. The song is ok, the voice is nice, and even though the styles are different, I can’t help but think: Downgrade from Jane Zhang.


Img1279260_fAnd since I began with a fake couple, I’m going to end it with a real one, a very cute real one. Husband and wife, Lu Yi and Bao Lei, went sky-diving for fun. I’m so jealous.

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  1. damn it so-called idol girls!! wht kind of shit is ‘idols girls’?
    copying snsd’s everything,,
    from style,hairstyle, pose,,
    u shld see it in,,
    n one more thing,,
    there’s this chinese folk song,,
    they copied the choreography EXATCLY like our dearest snsd’s GEE!!
    that’s bullshit!! where r their fuckin’ brains to think of something else rather than copying EVERY DANCE STEPS!!
    idol girls n that old woman(who sang the song) sucks bad!!
    im officially a hater!! plus, this just makes me hate chinese music industry!!
    not being racist,,just hate their music industry,,lame!!

  2. Li Yuchun’s pretty much personality driven…

    According to baidu, I think Meteor Fly is the theme song, not the other song. Is there a more elegant word for “fly” that I can use in the translations?

  3. @Nepheliad…

    Well, I like Jay for his decision-making not his musical talent. His collabs with Fei Yuqing and Song Zuying made a lot of younger people take note of them, and in turn brought older people to pop. He also tried to inject commercialism in Taiwan movies, which have for the most part, been very indie and artsy. It’s incredible how he can take a step back, look at CN/TW entertainment as a whole, and try to improve it. It’s very admirable. Zhang Ziyi may not be the most beautiful or talented actress, but I feel like she has the same ability, to take a step back and see what Chinese entertainment needs, and try give CN entertainment that (as with Sophie’s Revenge). And in that sense, I like her more than Gong Li, who is awesome, but is more her own career-focused. Okay, that was a big digression. But yeah…people like Jay are rare and if I gush over him…it’s not entirely musical talent that I like.

    But I agree very much on your statement: China needs more diversity, I think China has it pretty good so far… Hua Yi/EQ is good at cultivating pop stars/artists, Dong Records is good at bringing indie artists to the mainstream, Modern Sky is a very successful indie label , Thirteen Month Records is pretty decent label for rock. And then there’s eeMedia, who is like the unpredictable one that I love watching because it gives me heartattacks, and then makes me happy, and then gives me heartattacks because it’s just a rollercaoster ride with them. And to be honest it’s fun because there’s always some logic behind the crazy things they do. Even if my fav Wang Yuexin doesn’t get squat with them, who the hell cares? He is young, and he is very dedicated to improving his voice, instrument-playing, composing, etc. If he really loves music, he’ll find a way to make it considering he does have a fan-base. Again I digress.

    But there’s always more diversity to be had. And for China, I feel like they don’t really have anything strictly personality driven? I mean like Arashi in Japan or SJ in Korea? Maybe they should. But there’s definitely less opportunity to show it off than in Japan or Korea, where variety shows dominate. And partially, I feel like those variety shows are never going to happen in China because China is just so much bigger than than those two countries and is split into different cities of entertainment focus (Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha, Chendgu, etc) vs just the capital (Tokyo, Seoul).

    And on a related note, as for why KRY doesn’t actually get their own album? – Probably because those three while the best singers, are the hardest to get into personality wise of SJ.

    I agree with idarklight, Chinese dramas never seem like a vehicle for idols. (Although that hasn’t stopped me from getting attached to Chuang Guan Dong’s Jing Dong. Jing Dong!!!). Even Ugly Wudi is more of a ensemble piece. But I don’t know, since most of the Chinese dramas are like that, it couldn’t hurt to open up part of the Chinese drama sector to star-driven vehicles.

    I always felt Chinese entertainment was very much skills-based, less on personality or looks, considering all the artists that came before. And now I don’t feel like it’s completely going to personality or looks…but rather that it is diversifying. A balance is always nice, because you’re right Nepheliad, art’s subjective, and there should be something for everyone.

  4. @megan

    I do, too. They’re quite interesting.

    I don’t think it’s all about personality. Xu Wei is terribly boring. Zhou Xun doesn’t seem that much fun, neither. Personality can give you fans, but talent can still gain you approval.

    I hope they ditch the other song, which was the epitome of blandness, and use this as the theme song. This song has epic-potentials… I can almost imagine next Super Boy’s Wei Chen singing it with “Let dreams hibernate” powers.

    Randomness: I may stop liking Wei Chen one day, his personality, his looks, but I think I’ll always love that performance. It is performances like that that ultimately stays, not the ever-changing looks and personality of an artist…

    I wish people would stop it, too. She seems like really intelligent and thoughtful girl outside of her dramas, and it’s quite unfair that’s he’s assumed to be an airhead simply because of her roles.

  5. @ idarklight – Good songs from Bibi Zhou’s album, Time: SEASON, 你们的爱,
    青睐, 倒叙的光, 唱一半的歌, 学会感受, 醒着梦游. I hope the encoding thing is right; I completely fail at pinyin.

    The Meteor Shower song is brilliant. It matches the drama well, is very catchy and is sung well.

    Asia definitely focuses on personality a lot more than Western society. One big proof of this is the variety TV shows. There is no doubt that in order to make it big in Asia, you have to make people like you for more than just talent or looks.

    Oh and I love reading Nepheliad’s mini essays ;p

  6. I wish Ariel would stick to dramas like “Love Contract” or something because she did a pretty good job in that drama. It’s much different than her characters in TKA and ISWAK. It sucks most people judge her on only those two dramas without knowing her (as a person, and her personal life) and her previous works.

    Still, wish she stuck to acting… D:

  7. okay….after bashing Meteor Shower, isn’t this song gorgeous? It would’ve been such a beautiful song were it to be sung with more feelings.
    (not that it’s bad now…it’s so much better than the other song)

    I feel like that’s one of the reasons why mainland films are being more “successful” now than Taiwan, and arguably Hong Kong. The focus is still very much on the final product instead of the artists. Of course, that may be changing, but for the most part, it’s still true.

  8. Ah, that clarifies things. Thing is, since a lot of people are attached to the artist more than the songs, especially in Asia… Frankly, it makes me wonder if it wouldn’t benefit the quality of music in China/Korea to have less personality-driven promotion.

    BTW, are there any reputable music review sites or magazines in China?

    And yes, everything must be put together, but I thought we were talking about the final choice in singer specifically. I still think it’s subjective, and a lot of the rest is attributable to charisma and luck.

    That’s an idol-based market for you, haha. Pretty much why I was pretty disdainful of the stuff of the stuff. ^^;

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