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I was wondering what Liu Yifei has done recently to deserve being on Harpaar’s Bazaar, probably the most successful magazine in China until I noticed the “Jewelry” appendage. I didn’t know they had a jewerly version of their magazine. They really must be doing well, with a version for Men, and now this.

Go behind the cut for Deng Chao, Huang Xiaoming and Frida Giannini, Ma Tianyu Tan Weiwei and Jane Zhang.



For the guys I’m starting with my favorite, Deng Chao. His hair is  bleached for his role in Di Renjie, an upcoming movie.It’s from magazine His Life, for guys, which after looking around their websites I realized has some nice photoshoots…this one is kind of bland in comparison. I really liked their photoshoot for Liu Ye and Zhang Hanyu had an interesting one too.




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BOBO. It’s new but I’m not sure for what.


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Huang Xiaoming with Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini for Men’s Uno China. Huang Xiaoming became the first Asian face of Gucci last year. But it doesn’t really explain why she’s there.


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Ma Tianyu…again, I don’t know what this is for.



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Tan Weiwei from her latest album. Too bad there weren’t many HQ shots from this because the concept were pretty.

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And one picture of Jane that idarklight liked because she’s fairy-like in it.

jane photo 12a magazine

15 thoughts on “Various Photoshoots 2

  1. @A.
    Huang Xiaoming just became a spokesperson for Gucci.

    Zhang Jizhong’s Demigods & Semidevils is probably one of my favorite Jin Yong dramas. My favorite book is Laughing in the Wind, then LoCH, then Demi… I really want another remake of Laughing in the Wind. All the ones out now sucks.

  2. Liu Yifei looks pretty but her acting is still questionable. So weird, too – because lately I’m going through a phase of re-reading & re-watching Jin Yong works and the latest is Demigods & Semidevils & she’s in it.

    Maybe it’s just me but Ma Tianyu looks different there. Why Frida Giannini is in those shots with Huang Xiaoming puzzles me. Deng Chao’s dyed his hair for a movie titled Di Renjie – I don’t know about the movie, but Di Renjie is the name of a famous official of the Tang/Zhou dynasty.

    Agreed, though, about the bland backgrounds.

  3. @ Nepheliad Yeah, idarklight disliked the BOBO photoshoot for the same reason. I just put it there because I miss pictures of them. I wish BOBO could get better photoshoots; the best mag they went on was Elle in a simple shoot.

    Lol at the Ugh, Liu Yifei, and then Liu Yifei, ugh.

    @megan Ma Tianyu…the singer. He’s going to be in the cheaper version the New Dream of the Red Chamber.

  4. Liu Yifei. UGH. My least favorite Chinese actress ever.

    Deng Chao looks fantastic, he’s really rocking the hair.

  5. omg Deng Chao! I saw him in Rich Man, Poor Love on viikii. I didn’t recognize him here. Who’d have thought he could pull off that hair… love it!

  6. What’s with the gray background and neutral colored clothing theme to the pictures of the guys? Actually, it’s more just the bland background; even with BOBO’s bright outfits, they look kinda drab. It reminds me of high school yearbook pictures, haha. Huang Xiaoming’s cool gray really helped bring out how cool he looks, though.

    That picture of Jane Zhang, though, is gorgeous.

    Ugh, Liu Yifei. Don’t like her acting or her singing, but she does take a pretty picture.

  7. Dunno why the low collared top on Huang Xiao Ming has got a very china-feel. Hmm… or is it me? Ha. Great post!

  8. @topluv114 Sorry, I ‘ve never really pay attention to that. Not until they really win on the international level? But it reminds me I never translated a Zhang Zilin blog entry for someone…whoops.

    @mrpeng and yelei Liu Yifei is not really a great singer, but some of her songs are really catchy.

    She might have been trying for Japan, but now she’s on a very, very extended break from everything. I don’t really think she knows what she quite wants.

    @yelei I love Deng Chao’s new hair too. <3

  9. I think her singing is okay. It’s your typical pop music. Wasn’t she trying to break into the Japanese entertainment industry or something?
    Anyways, I always liked her and her acting is alright (there’s still alot more room for improvement).

    Huang Xiao Ming looks hot, and Deng Chao..WOW! I’m actually loving his dyed hair :)

    p.s. – these pictures makes me want to make more banners (AH!) =x

  10. oh yea i was also wondering if u kno who the new miss china 2009 will be? i’m curious and so far i’ve only found miss international china( i’ve only searched english sites) . thanx :)

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