The SuperGirl Behind Li Yifeng’s Songs


I love to hear about women composers because females get that “not as creative” label sometimes. Thus finding out that one of the Supergirls, 19 year-old Wen Xiaorui had composed for idol singer Li Yifeng before was a pleasant surprise.

Apparently she first wrote Good Night, Ferris Wheel for his first EP, and then three other songs for his new album, including Gou Yi Gou, Xiang Xie Yi Shou Ge, and Zui! Diao Che Wei. She also has written quite a few other ones that she’s releasing herself, including the most recent “Na Ge” or “That”, which I liked so much that I uploaded for you; download it here.

She’s with Li Yifeng’s company EQ records and so her entry into the competition is baffling in itself and it’s uncertain what exactly she hopes to gain from it. Her voice needs polishing; she got eliminated in the top 60 to 20 competition, but she’s really a lot better in singing than many that were in the top 20, and definitely better than certain people in the top 10. But of course, she’s from Chengdu, Sichuan and the Sichuan’s  district was just too filled with heavy competition. Perhaps she’ll get signed on to the girlband that they want to make since she’s also got the looks + youth.


On the other hand perhaps joining the show was publicity for her songs and she’ll release an album with EQ soon; a few people have been asking where to download her songs after hearing her perform them on Supergirls. “Na Ge” or “That”  was one of the ones she sung; She also is going to release another of her own compositions “Hu Die Kai Hua” or “Butterfly Flowers”, which she also sang on the show. Her compositions show diversity in which is really impressive, especially considering her age.

Of course she is just one of the many composers in Supergirls this year which makes me happy. From long ago eliminated girls like Dong Zhen and Wang Mengran,  to the beautiful compositions of of the heart-wrenchingly eliminated Wang Zixin, this year’s batch have impressed me with making their own music. Not to mention that Supergirls Judge Ding Wei has composed for others as well, including my favorite Chen Kun song.

So just remember, behind every pretty boy, there might just be a talented  girl.

Old Performance

(not one of her own songs, but it’s the only vid I could find on youtube where you didn’t have to wait  6 min before she sings)


And yay! My first Supergirls2009 post! :D

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  1. I always had the impression that one of the ways that China has survived for so long was because of its ability to adapt. I mean, through out its history, the Han has been ruled by many, many different ethnicities, but somehow, they’ve never really changed fundamentally. The ways of clothing, entertainment, etc. have changed as the ruling powers switched hands, but there’s always that underlying Han identity that has never changed much.

    other than what cfensi said, which is very true, I think there’s also the idea that the younger generation are more willing to try something like that. Most 40-year-olds in China don’t really think about the possibilities of being the next eeMedia pop star.

    that’s something that has changed and I feel is still changing. Before, it’s always been sort of looked down upon for children to pursue less “stable careers.” It’s more acceptable now, but still not popular. I was watching Tian Tian Xiang Shang yesterday, and they invited a high school graduating class that all got into top notched universities. Two of the girls were going to major in mathematics at Fudan University (Laure Shang went there), but one of them wants to be an actress and the other a director.

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