Liu Ye’s Wedding Photoshoot


These are really too cute. It’s a simple photoshoot, unlike the usual extravagant, by the beach, costumed shots. And they both seem like really low-key people, so it’s fitting, and  it shows off their happiness well. I believe they’re heading to France next for their French wedding.





8 thoughts on “Liu Ye’s Wedding Photoshoot

  1. the quality of these photos aren’t that great. On the other hand, they do look extremely cute as a couple :)

  2. the non-photoshoot pictures from the wedding. Those had such a sunny, happy tone to them. These look like someone scanned them with a really bad scanner.

  3. Yeah I don’t get why they look like that. Especially when Anais’s occupation is a photographer.

    What photoshoot are you talking about idarklight?

  4. I like the other non-photoshoot better. It had better lighting and was more natural.

    I want to meet Long Danni more than any of the Super people, is that weird?

  5. Aw that’s really cool. He got to see the MV shooting! I want to meet Jiang Yingrong so badly. She seems like such a cool person and so much fun to be around. All of the other girls seem drawn to her.

    I also want to meet Zeng Yike in real life. Because she seems so cold in pictures and vids.

  6. Aww, cute. Except weird that it’s a wedding photoshoot, except minus the wedding clothes…

    On a complete sidenote, my guy friend who’s in China’s FB status was something along the lines of him sitting through the shooting of the MV for the top 10 Super Girls. And how typical [guy] of him to say, “pretty girls.”

    But I’m jealous that he even got to see them. Except he didn’t attempt to take pictures because he claimed his camera would’ve been the quote: “noobiest one of all.”

    Still – WTF @ ZYK and how WZX got eliminated. Something’s wrong there.

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