Trailers/MV for Meteor Shower, HSDS 2009, and Remembrance of Dreams Past

There’s a been a lot of television trailers coming out. Go below the cut for the other trailers, and  link to the first episode of a  show that was pretty high on the recap list.

Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre 2009

With this being the last in the Condor Trilogy that director Zhang Jizhong has yet to remake, anticipation has been high for this version of HSDS. Not really from me, because I’ve never really gotten into wuxia but after seeing the trailer  and the gorgeous cinematography that’s definitely changed. It’s shot so prettily! And then finally I will be able to shake off that feeling of shame at  being Chinese, and yet having no idea what the hell people are talking about when they discuss Jin Yong ‘s body of work. And I may be the only one who thinks this, but Deng Chao looks so hot in it.

Part 1 (Chinese tv trailers are long…too long for youtube)

Part 2

Oh and idarklight says I will never shake off the shame of not knowing Jin Yong’s work by simply watching dramas. It’s not the same as reading the book. Better get to work on my wuxia literacy then.

Remembrance of Dreams Past

This is an epic, large scale series that stars Chen Kun and is Hua Yi financed. He  plays the son of a princess in the time of the last emperor, and will play his character from age 18 to 90 from the Republic of China to the 70s as he travels in the story from Taiwan to Beijing, to Shanghai and then finally to the South. I might watch part of this for Chen Kun but it seems a little too epic for me.

Meteor Shower‘s MV “Let Me Sing a Song For You”

…and finally the one that people are more interested in, even though it’s the lowest budgeted of them all.  I really like Zhang Han‘s expressions here, and loved the “mian ren” scene. Hopefully the acting doesn’t disappoint. It’s cute how everyone has their own love story here, and lol at all the testosterone-driven scenes.

P.S. Another anticipated show was Nonstop with BOBO and the Backdorm Boys and He Zhuoyan (she shows up toward the end of Part  1 of the Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre trailer). Here’s the link to the first episode.

39 thoughts on “Trailers/MV for Meteor Shower, HSDS 2009, and Remembrance of Dreams Past

  1. pls tell me what is the title of the song on the 1st vid(for meteor shower)…i really like the song..and if its no too much can you tell me where i can get the romanized lyrics of the song…

  2. uniforms in HK and Taiwan and private schools in Mainland China are reallllly nice. my friend goes to a private school in shanghai and she recently came to america. when i saw her uniform, i was so amased, because it looked la lot like….the uniform in jay chou’s movie Secret
    and also like the uniforms in Special A (S.A., japanese drama)
    as in, dark blazers with white lining, ties(guys)/bows(girls), pleated skirts, pants, and the black knee-high socks &c.
    not all are bad.

    as for the meteor garden, its makes me so mad when people all around keep saying they are so ugly. i have looked around sites like crunchyroll youtube and other asian forums and everyone seems to be hating it TT.TT

  3. @ idarklight & cfensi
    Ok I’m just slightly confused with this whole uniforms thing now ;p
    When I went to China a few years ago, the primary/elementary school kids had to where the red scarves, but I remember I saw some really nice uniforms on the highschoolers. Maybe it’s juts me…but in general, school uniforms in Asia make the uniforms we have to wear here in Australia look like potato sacks.

  4. i have a question, do kids in China still wear that red tie around their neck? I remember when I attended kindergarten and elementary school, kids still had to wear it.

  5. @idarklight

    Actually some of the private schools in China have really cute uniforms…although you’re right public schools all have those sweatpants, though that’s only part of the uniform, and people tend to wear it more in winter. They have the whole, sailor moon thing going on too.

    I really don’t understand why the uniforms suck so badly. It’s not like Hunan doesn’t know good clothing. Ugly Wudi clothes look fine, as did Dream Links. And they have Guo Jingmin…so…???

    But @wendy…after staring at them for a few months, you do tend to get used to it.

  6. @megan
    Because China isn’t known for cool uniforms. Chinese uniforms are generally more utilitarian and economic than good-looking. You can’t really go to PE in miniskirts and suits. When I went to school in China, our uniforms were basically sweat pants, shirts and jackets (for winter).

  7. Wow, I went hiking for two days and 25 more comments were added since =0
    Well my first impression of Meteor Shower was sort of like just another rather bland version of the Japanese and Korean ones. But that trailer/MV has totally made me change my mind. The boys look great and the girl too. Yu Haoming equals epic jizz. Ah~ I can’t type, I’m so excited~!

    The testosterone-driven scene are awesome! I’m glad they’re bringing in something new to the drama that the other versions didn’t have (I know that technically Meteor Shower isn’t another “version” of HYD, but I’m just calling it that because it’s easier). I’m already looking forward to the drag racing scene and the rock climbing one as well.

    @Wendy – I agree with the whole uniforms thing. Asia is meant to have pretty school uniforms, why aren’t any versions of HYD delivering?? Oh well, I suppose we’ll just have to accept it.

  8. @kale

    I didn’t like the Meteor Shower song. It wasn’t bad, but not something worthy. To be honest, I don’t really like any of Haoming’s songs that much. It’s not him, it’s the songs. The songs he are given are generally the soft old-school pop that simply aren’t anything special. This one included.

    I really hope that when he becomes famous, that’s not the type of songs he will continue to sing.

    the girl who wrote this song wrote Why Me…why is this not half as catchy as Why Me?

  9. @cfensi.
    Chen Kun baby’s rumor is kinda old, over a year ago. I watched a talk show and the host asked him about it (of course he denied it) but I can’t locate the vid on Youtube anymore. So, even if chinse netizens are huge but to have an old rumor still circulating tll now…maybe it’s true.

    anyway. it’s no biggy

    I like that old haoming song and his other songs..i think meteor shower theme song is good for the drama but not somethin i’ll listen on my ipod.

  10. @shoups

    you’re right. That song isn’t for Meteor Shower, though. I can’t say I love it, though. My favorite song by Haoming is probably “Sinking in love”

    This is the song that I like and wish was in Meteor Shower:

  11. @idarklight

    no it is different
    the song you uploaded is 为你唱首歌

    the song i like is 爱是一个人的事
    if you listen to them, they sound completely different

  12. @lu0hh

    i have kylintv as well, we used to have all the channels, including hunan tv, dragon tv, etc. but not anymore………… not even cctv4

  13. So I just finished watching BoBo’s “Non Stop” pretty cute <3 Some of the jokes are so lame that it's funny! And they have a "blond" that always says the wrong Chinese proverb so I'm sort of learning Chinese while I'm watching this. And Baoer+Baozi's character fits their image so well! AHHH!

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